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Tile School: How a Little Extra Can Go a Long Way

By Kali

Tile School: How a Little Extra Can Go a Long Way

Tile Shown: Aqua in Ogee Drop

Sometimes less is more, but in the case of tile, a bit more is actually better. We'll always encourage you to order at least an additional 15%--we do this for a few reasons; but mainly because we want to be sure you'll have enough. When we say enough, we mean enough for your installation and possibly that extra bit for "attic storage." If you are unsure of how much extra tile to order, feel free to talk to us and your contractor too! 

We've blogged about it before and you might have heard us mention it to you already, but below we'll tell you three reasons why we really want you to consider an overage:  

Making the Cut: 
Your installer will inevitably have to make cuts during the course of the install process. A specialty shape or a pattern, like Herringbone for example, will require far more cuts than a Straight Set or Offset pattern. We generally like to recommend that you order a 15% overage, but 20% is a safer bet if you are going more geometric. 

Tile Shown: Foggy morning in 2x6 Herringbone Pattern. An install like this one will require more cuts, thus a bigger overage. 

Tile Shown: Ogee in Turquoise. You can see here how specialty shapes will require additional cuts. 

Avoid an Add-On Order: 
We also want you to avoid having to do an add on order. Add-ons mean fees and potentially a delay on your install--no one likes either of those things! Keep in mind, we make everything to order, so an add on means that you have to wait longer to move forward with your project. 

Tile Shown: A Handpainted tile in progress. 

Attic Storage: 
We mentioned this at the start, but we'd like to close with it too. There is a benefit to having a little bit of extra tile in storage. Our tile is built to last, but life happens and with that, the unexpected. That little bit that wasn't used in your installation can come in handy down the line if you do a slight renovation to your space or if unfortunately, an accident befalls a few of your tiles. 

Image: Boxes like these can be stored in your garage or attic for safe keeping! 

Not sure how much extra tile to order? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.