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Tile by Style: Mod About Midcentury Bathrooms

By Pearl

Tile by Style: Mod About Midcentury Bathrooms


In today’s contemporary bathrooms, remnants of mid-century bathroom design can be found in the smallest details. From bright patterns to streamlined cabinetry to multicolored mosaics, mid-century interior design has certainly left its mark.


Image: Byggfabriken

Over the years, mid century modern tile's funky side has oftentimes been traded for a more spare and subtle aesthetic. These styles have a rightful place in the mid-century genre and we love the look for its clean and simple decor.


Image: Dans le Townhouse

However, today we’re going to turn back the clock a bit and pay homage to a time when mid century modern tile bathroom design still had a sense of funky flair that makes it so unique among other design styles.

Mad for Mosaics

Colorful mosaics were hugely popular in mid-century design, and no house took this further than the now iconic William and Irma Dale/Victor House in Minneapolis. Featuring an imaginative interior filled from floor to ceiling with tile, the home is popularly known as the Tile House and is a great testament to artistic license.


Image: Retro Renovation

A snapshot of the home’s bathroom showcases an eye-catching wall of mosaic tile.


Image: Retro Renovation

This bathroom pays homage to the era’s love for mosaic tile with an atomic design-inspired showerhead and colorful glass mosaic shower tile.


Image: Apartment Therapy

Don’t be afraid to think outside the square. This vertical subway tile backsplash echoes the simple orange, yellow, and white drawers that adorn this mid-century bathroom. Also did you notice the contrasting green hexagon tile floor? Hexagons are another pattern that can lend vintage-inspired charm to a space.


Image: Port Wings


Tile Pattern Shown: Vertical Offset

For something a touch more subtle, consider an all white mosaic tile wall sprinkled in with touches of contrasting tile.


Image: Chimera Interior Designs

Color Karma

We love color here at Fireclay, and when it comes to mid-century style the feelings are mutual. Tangy oranges, terrific teals, funky fuchsias, and sunny yellows reigned supreme in mid-century interior design.


Image: Attic Mag

Although a more tame play on contrasts, this bathroom’s monotone mosaic tile and color blocking make it no less cool. Afraid of color commitment? Bright accessories are an easy and temporary way you can incorporate retro-inspired flair to your mid-century bathroom design.


Image: Forbes

Pattern Retro-Spective

Mid-century interior design cannot be discussed without paying homage to its fun and playful patterns. Most prevalent in its colorful wallpaper patterns, mid-century graphic design’s bold geometric shapes and colors can easily be replicated with tile.


Image: Barker O'Donoghue


Handpainted Tile Shown: River Rock in Neutral Motif

For more mid-century design inspiration, we’ve found a few of our favorite retro wallpaper designs that can take on a new life with our Handpainted tiles. You can even use our Custom Color-It! Tool to fill our Handpainted designs with our own color palette. You can even see them as a bathroom backsplash or floor so you can see how a mid-century tile design will look in your space.


Image: Top Vectors


Handpainted Tile Color Shown: Winter Mountain in Green Motif


Image: Bradbury


Handpainted Tile Shown: Interlaced Leaves in White Motif

Do you like any of the featured colors? Order free samples online! Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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