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Tile by Style: Mod About Midcentury Bathrooms

By Blair Hagensen

Tile by Style: Mod About Midcentury Bathrooms

In today’s contemporary bathrooms, remnants of mid-century modern bathroom design can be found in the smallest details. From bright patterns to streamlined cabinetry to vessel sinks, mid-century interior design has certainly left its mark.

Rust-colored hexite tile backsplash against a white countertop, vessel sink, and large mirror.

Tile Shown: Antique in Hexite // Design: Jared Zimmerman & Shannon Badiee // Image: Aerial Canvas

Over the years, midcentury modern tile's funky side has oftentimes been traded for a more spare and subtle aesthetic–evident in the meteoric rise in popularity of white subway tiles. These styles have a rightful place in the midcentury genre and we love the look for its clean and simple decor.

View of bathroom interior with large walk-in shower that's tiled in white vertical-set tile, and a double vanity with dark wood, white countertops, and white tile backsplash.

Tile Shown: Moonstone in 3x9 and 2x2 Sheeted // Design: Lyons Studio // Image: Kylie Fitts

However, today we’re going to turn back the clock a bit and pay homage to a time when midcentury modern tile bathroom design still had a sense of funky flair that makes it so unique among other design styles.

Mad for Mosaics

Colorful mosaics were hugely popular in mid-century design, and don’t be afraid to think outside the square! Hexagon tile mosaics lend a vintage-inspired charm to any space. The vibrant colors in this ombre hex backsplash pop against the white walls in this mid-century bathroom.

View of bathroom with installation of hexagon tile in an ombre pattern along one wall. Tile goes from red, to orange, to yellow, to gray.

Tile Shown: 3” Sheeted Hexagon // Design + Image: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Another mid century modern staple is the famous pink bathroom. Although the original version is often quite polarizing, you can easily update the look with softer pink mosaic tiles like this designer bathroom.

Pink powder room vanity with wainscoting of 1x1 pink glass mosaic tiles, coordinating pink walls, and terrazzo countertop.

Tile Shown: Rosy Finch in 1x1 Mosaic Glass Tile // Design: Ginny Macdonald, Styling by CJ Sandgren // Image: Jessica Bordner, Sara Tramp

For something a touch more subtle, consider a white mosaic tile wall sprinkled in with touches of contrasting tile. We love the design idea of inserting mustard, a classic mid-mod color, into clean white tile.

A tiled tub surround with mustard tiles sprinkled cheerfully throughout the white mosaic tiles.

Tile Shown: Mustard Seed in 2x2 Sheeted // Design: Cathie Hong // Image: Margaret Austin Photography

Color Karma

We love color here at Fireclay, and when it comes to mid-century modern style the feelings are the same. Tangy oranges, terrific teals, and sunny yellows reigned supreme in mid-century interior design.

In this bold bathroom, delicious orange tile is perfectly paired with terrazzo, another midcentury staple, for the ultimate visual interest.

A bathroom vanity with bright orange straight-set tile installed above a backsplash of chunky terrazzo, with a light blue square sink.

Tile Shown: Sorbet in 2x8 // Design: Handsome Salt // Image: Jenny Siegwart

Earth colors were always en vogue during this style period, and this handsome primary bathroom exemplifies the idea of bringing nature inside with its wall-to-wall rich green tile.

A copper soaking tub sits in a walk-in shower clad in rich green tile.

Tile Shown: Evergreen in 2x6 // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

If you’re looking for a simple MCM bathroom idea, you can’t go wrong with a light blue tile backsplash coupled with a dark wood wall-mounted vanity. Instant midcentury vibes!

A wall-mounted vanity with dark wood cabinets and white countertop sits in front of a backsplash of light, bright blue tile.

Tile Shown: Glacier Bay in 4x8 // Design + Image: Destination Eichler

You’ve heard of an accent wall, but what about an accent floor? This bathroom makes a fun mid-mod statement with colorful orange and white tile across the floor, and we couldn’t love it more.

A bright yellow bathroom with bold floor of alternating orange and white tile.

Tiles Shown: Koi and Milky Way in 3x12 // Design + Image: Danielle Nagel

A unique way to honor midcentury design in your bathroom remodel is to bring nature in through wallpaper and tile, demonstrated by this space featuring a large-scale succulent print wallpaper and coordinating straight-set ceramic tile.

A very green bathroom, with wallpaper featuring large-scale succulents and a tub surround with coordinating yellow-green tile.

Tile Shown: Frond in 2x8 // Design: PS212 HOME // Image: Dan Chavkin Photo

Pattern Retro-Spective

Midcentury interior design cannot be discussed without paying homage to its fun and playful patterns. The bold geometric shapes and colors of midcentury graphic design can easily be achieved with tile in the bathroom–there are endless possibilities!

This sunny retro bathroom used two custom colorways of handpainted tile with geometric shapes across the floor for a stunning statement (not to mention the incredible sunken tub!).

A bathroom vanity with yellow tile countertop.
A sunny bathroom featuring yellow, white, and pink handpainted tile floor and a sunken tub with light grey glass tile.

Tile Shown: Harvest in two Custom Motifs, Daffodil in 4x4 // Design: Madeline Harper // Images: Sam Ushiro

Oversize polka dots make this kids' bathroom memorable. These dots are achieved with handpainted tile in a custom (and very midcentury) pink-and-mustard colorway.

Kids bathroom with walls clad in yellow-and-pink handpainted tile that form oversize polka dots.

Tile Shown: Fallow in Custom Motif // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

Hexite tile creates clean lines and symmetrical patterns across the floor of this bathroom. Choosing a fun color for the floor while keeping the rest of the room neutral really lets the tile shine.

A mostly white bathroom with dusty blue hexite tile floor.

Tile Shown: Dusty Blue in Hexite, White Wash in 6x12 // Design + Image: Urbanism Designs

Backsplashes are the perfect place to introduce patterns to your bathroom. This space boasts a rounded pattern on handpainted tile that adds an element of softness.

A midcentury bathroom vanity with backsplash of handpainted tile in a white and pink summit pattern.

Tile Shown: Summit in Custom Motif and Mesa, Dawn, and White Wash in 2x6 // Design: Emily Harris // Image: Peter Harris

Fireclay’s wide array of glaze colors and tile shapes allowed this bathroom to go in a fun direction, with a tri-colored floor and color-blocked walls.

A light-filled bathroom with orange, grey, and blue tile floor, and blue and grey tiled walls.

Tile Shown: Bryce Canyon, Dusty Blue, and Shetland Wool in Hexite, and Dusty Blue and Shetland Wool in 1x6 Sheeted // Design: Lyons Studio // Image: Kylie Fitts

Ready to bring some fun or funky midcentury flair to your bathroom? Our Design Consultants are here to help! Reach out for free one-on-one design assistance, including rendering, sample selection, and ordering.

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