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Tile by Style: Coastal Kitchens That Play It Cool

By Pearl

Tile by Style: Coastal Kitchens That Play It Cool

Coastal Kitchen Backsplash with Blue Subway Tile

Tile Shown: 3 x 6 Subway Tile in Caribbean 

Even though school’s starting up again and warm weather slowly subsides, we’ve still got our minds on the coast. So how do we cope? With a coastal chic kitchen, of course. We’ve collected some of the most inspiring spaces that will help us keep our cool as fall fast approaches.

Before we sail on, here’s a quick refresher on quintessential coastal style:

Materials: Weathered wood, layers of rustic and woven textures like sisal, jute, burlap, and linen all help to bring organic dimension

Rustic Coastal Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash

Image: Coastal Living

Decor: Carefully curated vignettes of sea-inspired pieces like shells, sea glass, and greenery evoking the shore

Color Palette: Colors inspired by the shore, neutrals like crisp whites and sandy browns, and almost any shade of blue (hints of yellow and coral to liven things up)

Keeping these elements in mind, your coastal kitchen design is sure to make waves. Read on to see how you can take your kitchen decor on vacation year-round.

Rhapsody in Blue

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be dressed floor to ceiling in blue to give it a coastal vibe. We’d even argue that just the slightest touches of blue can be enough to get the seaside style you’re looking for. Recessed shelving behind your stovetop or sink is the perfect spot for a statement backsplash. Sprinkle in a mosaic of blues and a colorful border for a rippling effect that’s sure to turn heads.

Kitchen Backsplash with Blue & White Mosaic & Recessed Shelving

Image: Fireclay Tile Gallery

For a coastal look that feels a touch more contemporary, try a sleek glass mosaic. A ⅓ Offset arrangement adds to the rippling effect that’s accentuated by the glass tiles’ glossy finishes.

Coastal Kitchen with Gray Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Image: House of Turquoise

Offset Recycled Glass Tile

Tile Pattern Shown: ⅓ Offset Glass Tile

Love the mosaic look? May we suggest a few of our favorite hues that can offer a cool coastal blend:

White Recycled Glass Tile in Queen Anne's Lace

Glass Tile Color Shown: Queen Anne’s Lace


Gray Recycled Glass Tile in Blue Grass

Glass Tile Color Shown: Blue Grass


Light Green Recycled Glass Tile in Prickly Pear

Glass Tile Color Shown: Prickly Pear


Turquoise Recycled Glass Tile in Island Flower

Glass Tile Color Shown: Island Flower


Blue Recycled Glass Tile in Plankton

Glass Tile Color Shown: Plankton

You can also try a single-colored mosaic for a more modern look. It’s also a great way to play off organic textures that might be found in cabinetry or decor.

Coastal Kitchen with Clear Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Image: Home Dit

1 x1 Mosaic Recycled Glass Tile

Glass Tile Shown: 1 x 1 Mosaic

Shore Shape-Up

Want to add a little shape to you your backsplash? Try a playful shape to bring out the fun side of coastal style.

A Fireclay favorite, our Ogee Drop tile can lend a splash of charm to even the most elegant of kitchens.

Elegant Coastal Kitchen with Blue Ogee Drop Tile Backsplash

Image: House Beautiful


Straight Set Ogee Drop Tile

Tile Pattern Shown: Straight Set Ogee Drop

Featuring a cool crackle glaze, Aqua features extra variation in color that highlights its handcrafted nature and brings a soothing yet understated underwater feel.

Sustainable Ceramic Tile in Aqua Blue

Tile Color Shown: Aqua

If you’re looking for a coastal look that feels a little more classic, a herringbone pattern in white can lend a timeless look to your space that feels both refreshing and refined. We love how it adds a crisp contrast to this kitchen’s soft blue cabinetry.

Coastal Kitchen with White Herringbone Backsplash

Image: This Old House


Herringbone Tile

Tile Pattern Shown: Herringbone

Have urge to spice things up? A decorative tile backsplash is an easy way to bring island-inspired flavor to your kitchen decor. A light sky blue plays well with golden yellow for a palette that evokes surf and sun.

Tropical Kitchen with Handpainted Yellow Tile Backsplash

Image: House Beautiful

Moroccan Handpainted Tile Pattern in Neutral

Handpainted Tile Shown: Sintra in Neutral Motif

Feeling a little more subdued? A blue motif that only extends a foot or so above the countertop is enough to add just the right amount of island flavor. Contrast it with white cabinetry to keep your kitchen feeling bright and breezy.

Tropical Handpainted Kitchen Tile Backsplash in Blue

Image: Coastal Living

Moroccan Handpainted Tile Pattern in Neutral

Handpainted Tile Shown: Kabuki Sphere in Neutral Motif