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Project Spotlight

The Kitchy Cabin

By Kali

The Kitchy Cabin

Design: Claire Thomas // Images (unless otherwise noted): Stephanie Todaro Photography

Adorned in a bold, retro-inspired palette, Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen designed her standout cabin with the aim to make it both special and fun. With her creative use of our custom ceramic tile in her kitchen and fireplace hearth, along with a twist on the classic parquet in the two bathrooms, you're sure to be inspired.

Claire Thomas' fireplace surround shot for Domino's winter issue.

Tile Shown: Harvest in Sorbet, Sunflower + Spruce Gloss // Image: Laure Joliet for Domino feature

First, can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?
I'm the creator of the food and lifestyle blog The Kitchy Kitchen, a commercial director, and the co-founder of Sweet Laurel, a grain-free bakery. The short answer to what I do is "content creator," I'm always trying to create and capture unique experiences and ideas, whether it's a recipe for dinner or renovating a home.

Was this a remodel or a renovation? What did you most want to change?
The cabin was mostly a renovation, but the bathrooms were a big remodel. The biggest issue was space management. When we first got the cabin, the bathroom ceilings were 7 feet tall and the vanity was on the sloping side of the roof, so there was no mirror for the master bath - which is madness if you're ever tried to blow dry your hair without a mirror.

3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass set in a parquet pattern

Once I let go of trying to stay within the original layout, it completely opened up creatively and physically. Above the 7 foot heigh master ceiling, we found out that it actually soared up to the rafters. I love exposed beams, so we went all the way up. With this new height, I thought a dramatic sweep of tile would put an exclamation point on the new scale.

3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass set in a parquet pattern

Tile Shown: 3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass

We then followed this same idea downstairs, where's there a gorgeous sweep behind a freestanding tub. For the rest of the house, so many of the decisions were actually creative solution to some problem that would pop up. For the giant tile platform - the centerpiece of the living room - I first realized that the vintage fireplace was too short and needed to raise it somehow. Next thing you know, we're putting in this huge platform across the living room. Overall, my goal was to make the cabin fun. I wanted every space to special and an experience.

Handpainted Harvest tiles adorn this retro inspired fireplace platform.

Tile Shown: Custom Ceramic Tile using our Color-It Tool,Handpainted Harvest in a custom palette using Sorbet, Sunflower + Spruce Gloss.

What is the overall aesthetic you were going for?
1960s Apres Ski Fondue Party.

Claire used our Color-It Tool to create a palette all her own for her fireplace platform featuring our Harvest handpainted tiles.

Let's talk about the kitchen first--what was the inspiration here?
It was such a closed-off, dim space, and I just wanted to open it up and make it bright and friendly. Everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen anyway, so why not make it more inviting. Plus, it's RIGHT THERE when you open the front door, so it needed to be beautiful at first glance, not this purely utilitarian space.

Kitchen backsplash featuring our Harvest handpainted tiles.

Image: Laure Joliet

This cabin kitchen features our Harvest handpainted tiles in a palette of Sorbet, Sunflower and Spruce Gloss.

In terms of tile, what look were you going for? What made you choose this color palette?
Once I got the avocado fireplace, I knew I'd be channeling a late 1960s vibe with avocado, marigold, and sorbet pink. I wanted vibrant, happy colors that reminded me of a California sunset.

Claire used our Color-It Tool to create a palette to suit her 1960s inspired cabin.

Tile Shown: Harvest in Sorbet, Spruce Gloss and Sunflower with 3x9 tiles in Daisy

How did you land on the Harvest pattern in both the kitchen and the for your fireplace hearth?
I wanted something bold but not busy, and the harvest pattern is exactly that. It allows each color to have a moment.

Handpainted Harvest tiles in Sorbet, Sunflower and Spruce Gloss

Claire chose to use the same pattern and color palette for both her kitchen and fireplace hearth. She created three separate motifs for our Handpainted Harvest and perfectly mixed them together.

Claire chose our handpainted Harvest tiles for her fireplace platform.
Handpainted Harvest tiles in Sorbet, Sunflower and Spruce Gloss.

You used the same color palette of Sorbet, Spruce Gloss and Sunflower for the Grange tiles in your laundry room--what made you decide to go bold in this room as well?
The laundry room is one of my favorite moments in the cabin. You open the doors, looking for dish soap, and you're knocked back with this riot of color. I love adding a bit of warmth and brightness in areas that get overlooked.

Laundry room backsplash tiled in our handpainted Grange in a custom colorway of Daisy, Sunflower, Sorbet and Spruce Gloss.

Tile Shown: Grange in Sorbet, Spruce Gloss and Sunflower

Now, let's talk about the bathrooms, what was the inspiration here?
The cabin is our retreat, so I wanted the bathrooms to be like walking into a spa - relaxing and luxurious.

This is the master bath:

Claire Thomas took her own spin on a bold parquet pattern in both her cabin's bathrooms.

Tile Shown: 3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass

What made you choose the colors Daisy and Sea Glass? And how about this striped pattern?
I wanted to keep the high impact look of the cabin, but soften it, so I used a combination of Daisy and Sea Glass for the tile and put them in a simple vertical/horizontal repeat. It adds a bit of interest without being overwhelming.

Here's the coordinating guest bath:

3x9 Tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass

You've incorporated a lot of bold patterns and colors throughout your cabin--any advice for anyone trying to do the same?
If you go bold, commit to it. Make sure the style and color palette of the pieces surrounding the tile add to the effect rather than fight it.

3x9 tiles set in a parquet pattern in Daisy and Sea Glass

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges?
The bathroom pattern was a bit of a challenge as Fireclay's handmade tiles are each unique, so the tiler had to carefully lay everything together to line up everything. Just like the variance in glazes, you have to embrace the variance in sizing, it's part of the character of handmade tile and what makes it so special.

3x9 Tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass
Tile Shown: 3x9s in Daisy and Sea Glass

Any tips on working with handmade tile you learned along the way that you'd like to share?
Use a tiler who knows his stuff! This isn't your typical 1 inch Carrera that you can purchase by the sheet - they need to carefully work with each piece. Also, always remember to add a little to your order just in case - I'm terrible at math and we came pretty close!

Handpainted Harvest tiles adorn this retro inspired cabin's fireplace platform.

A bit more about Claire:
My style can be described as...Cinematic. This sounds silly, but almost all of my design inspiration comes from the set design from the golden age of Hollywood. It's all about impact and style.
My design philosophy is...Go big where you can. I always try to have a moment in every space, even something as drab as a laundry closet. Having an element of surprise and wow makes a space such a joy to live in.
I got my start...Working in production. My whole family works in advertising and production, so I grew up around film sets.
I find inspiration in...Old hollywood!
I can't live without...Big windows. Light is everything in a space. The more you can let in, the more all of your hard work will shine.
My best design advice would be...Don't worry about everything matching, worry about if it "goes" together. Everything in a space should support the other elements - not conflict with them.
I love tile because...It transforms a space.

Handpainted Harvest tiles in Sorbet, Sunflower and Spruce Gloss

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