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Shape Spotlight: Star and Cross Tile

By Jamie Chappell

Shape Spotlight: Star and Cross Tile

Featuring an interlocking eight-pointed star and X design, our Star & Cross pattern takes from Spanish colonial architecture and sumptuous Moroccan salons. Embracing both the traditional and the exotic, this geometric design adds a graphic touch to your decor.

We also offer this classic tile pattern in both a large and small format. We're sharing inspiration on how to use this dynamic duo below.

Above is the Large and below is our mini version.

Star and Cross Tile Floors

This pattern makes for fantastic floor tiles, both the large and the mini versions. Go for Star and Cross in a bold color like this bathroom.

star and cross tile bathroom floor

Tile Shown: Evergreen Mini Star & Cross // Design: Kate Ferguson of Palomino Interiors // Image: Erin Kestenbaum

Go for a classic look in a rich brown glaze and pair it with a matching grout.

brown star and cross tile kitchen floor

Tile Shown: Antique Large Star & Cross // Design & Image: Negar Kouchaki

The star and cross combo is a perfect opportunity to try out a two-tone pattern, like this breathtaking entryway.

white and yellow star and cross tile entryway floor

Tile Shown: Sunflower and Feldspar Mini Star & Cross // Design & Image: SOOETSUN STUDIO

Star and Cross Tile Walls

From bathroom walls to kitchen backsplashes, Star and Cross makes for a compelling wall installation. A clean white glaze lets the pattern stand out in a large installation that won't feel overwhelming.

white star and cross kitchen walls

Tile Shown: Calcite Mini Star & Cross // Design: The True House // Image: Mino Pro Media Group, LLC

On the other hand, this pattern can be used for major dramatic effects as well with creatively chosen color and pattern.

pink and black star and cross kitchen walls

Tile Shown: Red Rock and Basalt Mini Star & Cross // Design: Lottie Fowler // Image: Becca Lea Photo Interiors

If full-coverage tile walls aren't your style, Star and Cross also make for a charming backsplash material. Smaller installs may benefit from the more intricate Mini version of Star and Cross.

star and cross kitchen backsplash

Tile Shown: Magnolia Mini Star & Cross // Design: Lauren Lapkus // Image: Phil Chester + Sara Byrne

Star and Cross Tile Water Features

Working on a pool or fountain? These tiles are right at home in a water feature. While this pool designer opted for square tiles to clad the stairs, a decorative detail of Star and Cross tile on the pool waterline is right at home at this Spanish Revival property.

pool with ceramic tile

Tile Shown: Jade Mini Star and Cross // Design & Image: Airey Baringer

A fountain gives an outdoor space a sense of ambiance thanks to the sound of flowing water. But Star and Cross tile helps delivers on the visual component as well.

fountain with star and cross tile

Tile Shown: Caspian Sea Large Star & Cross // Design & Image: Chris Kelsey

Star and Cross Tile Fireplaces

Finally, the fireplace has always been a focal point in homes, but in recent years, designers have become more ambitious with this living room mainstay. Star and Cross tile in a soft pink glaze blends well with the color palette of this living room but the stunning pattern makes it the clear centerpiece.

star and cross tile fireplace

Tile Shown: Dawn Mini Star & Cross // Design & Image: Antonia Renteria

Indoors or out, Star and Cross tile takes a fireplace design to the next level with contemporary appeal.

outdoor fireplace

Tile Shown: Daisy Large Star & Cross // Design: BEX Studios // Image: Brittany Anne Jarman

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