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Shape Spotlight: Ogee Drop

By Kali |


With its elegantly fanned silhouette, Ogee Drops can be installed in three different ways for equally captivating patterns. A classic tile shape, the Ogee Drop is most definitely a customer favorite because of their ability to add interest to any space they adorn. We're sharing some of our favorite Ogee Drop projects and the three ways to install on today's blog. Want to see them all, click here

Straight Set:
Taking cues from exotic Moroccan architecture, Ogee Drops in a Straight Set pattern is a fresh and modern twist on ancient designs. This arrangement creates a whimsical scalloped pattern for a playful layered fan effect. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Calcite

Our Ogee Drop really gained some fame when Emily Henderson chose this shape in Crater Lake for her masterbath. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Crater Lake


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Moonstone 

This pattern also lends itself to blends: 


A little goes a long way with this beloved shape: 


Let's take a closer look...


Tile Shown Ogee Drops in Emerald 

By the way, we love this shape and pattern in warm tones too. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Nutmeg // Design + Image: Justina Blakeney 

This shape was also featured more than once in the Coastal Living 2016 Showhouse. We love how the designer chose to feature it in a warm tone in one of the bathrooms: 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Tangerine

This shape and pattern can also go to work in commercial settings, like this San Francisco restaurant: 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Bryce Canyon, Gardenia, Sunflower, Tomato Red // Design: Nomadiko Design Studio 

Turning our Ogee Drop upside down into a teardrop pattern also creates a dynamic, layered affect that many compare to fish scales. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Crater Lake and Caribbean

From single color to a blend (like the kitchen below), this pattern works its magic in a playful, yet classic way. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Azurine, Boundary Waters and Sugar // Design: Kristen Peña


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Foam 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Frost // Design: Jillian Harris


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Powder Blu

Moroccan arrangement effortlessly interlocks to create a captivating ripple effect across any floor or wall application. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in White Wash

If you want to highlight this intricate pattern, choose a contrasting grout color, as they have done in the modern kitchen below: 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in White Wash // Design: AIH Development 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Foam 

The Coastal Living Showhouse also featured Ogee Drops as floor tile set in a Moroccan pattern in one of the bathrooms. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Green 

Want a bold floor tile? Opt for a blend of colors in our Ogee Drops. 


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Rainy Day, Sea Glass and Tusk

Is Ogee Drop the shape for you? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented design consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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