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Project Spotlight: The Nomadic Hotel

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: The Nomadic Hotel

Salt and heat are no match for our tile. Dreamt up by a Georgia couple, The Nomadic Hotel's ceramic and brick tiles offer a durable design solution for Costa Rica's tropical climate. 

Keep reading for our full interview with owner and designer, Janice Camp. 

Meet Janice!

Janice Camp Family

Photo: Beaux Arts Photographie

Fun fact about yourself?
I’m a huge Tomboy at heart that loves the outdoors and changeling myself to constantly push myself into trying new things.

How did you hear about Fireclay Tile?
I first learned about Fireclay Tile through an instagram account called @thejoshuatreehouse. I fell in love with their tile that borders their pool. 

Joshua Tree House Pool

Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Milky Way and Sand Dune // Design & Photo: Rich and Sara Combs

What is The Nomadic? 
The Nomadic is a lifestyle hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica

The Nomadic Hotel

Photos: Andres Garcia Lachner

What look or aesthetic were you going for with The Nomadic?
We choose the Morning Thaw blue color in the Picket shape-- I liked the way you could braid the tiles as it reminded me of ocean waves. I wanted the spaces to have a tropical feel, but nothing overly loud. I wanted it to feel timeless.

Nomadic Hotel Lobby Fireclay Tile

Tile shown: Morning Thaw Picket // Design: Janice Camp

How did you come up with your overall color scheme and design? Did you work with a designer?
I did all the design myself. I worked with Design Consultant, Jennifer at Fireclay Tile on a few different digital renders until I came up with Morning Thaw in Picket Braid. I knew I wanted something that was more of a natural tone to offset the pink cement tiles we have below the bar.






The Nomadic Hotel

*Complimentary digital renderings are available for projects 75 sq/ft and above.

Tell us more about your Morning Thaw Picket Braid choice...
I chose Morning Thaw Picket Braid for the bar area because I felt like when paired with the space it completed the tropical feel I was hoping to achieve.

And your outdoor brick shower?
I went with the thin brick in Columbia Plateau and Great Plains because of the natural earthy elements the felt like a great match to compliment the outdoor shower space. When choosing materials and colors, I try not to go too trendy and rather aim for choices that are more timeless.

Fireclay Brick Outdoor Shower

Fireclay Tile Glazed Thin Brick Outdoor Shower

Brick Shown: Columbia Plateau and Great Plains

How did the installation process go?  Did you face any challenges?  Did you work with a tile installer or contractor?
The installation process went well overall. We did have a dilemma when our tiles arrived about 15% of them were broken due to our 3rd party transport company not securing them to the palette for the drive down Costa Rica’s well documented worse dirt roads in the country. Luckily for us we ordered just enough overage that we were able to complete the project.

Pro tile tip: We recommend ordering at least 15-20% overage to cover breaks, as well as cuts during installation. 

We also hired an experienced tile installer that had no problem doing the install.

Fireclay Tile Commercial Hotel Costa Rica

How was designing for your own hotel? Any Lessons learned?
Designing The Nomadic from the ground up was a very time consuming process but is still to this day a labor of love.

I can’t begin to put into words the things we’ve learned about developing and constructing something like The Nomadic abroad-- it was an experience we were not prepared for, but taught us many valuable life lessons. 

#1 Lesson Learned- You can’t fight the environment: When building in the jungle most of the time the jungle wins. Functionality should take a huge front seat in whatever your design idea is. Also go with the more expensive hardware-- with all the salt and heat in the air the cheaper stuff breaks down within year one. The Nomadic is good, but the next project will be even better...if number 2 ever comes to fruition with all that we’ve learned.

Fireclay Tile Hotel

What are your 3 best tips when it comes to installing tile? 
1. Make sure use a reputable transport company when delivering your tiles through the rough terrain of Costa Rica.
2. It's a must to lay out your design on the floor before applying it to the wall. 
3. Use quality grout and mortar-- we went with Laticrete.

Outdoor brick shower Fireclay

Why do you love tile? 
I love the way you can use tile to accent a certain area to make it more eye catching-- similar to the way people use paint on an accent wall-- I think tile makes it so much more dramatic. I love Fireclay Tile because it doesn’t fade like many of the cement tiles you find out here. This was the main reason we decided to import Fireclay to Costa Rica.

See more of The Nomadic Hotel and book reservations here!

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