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Project Spotlight: Mermaid Master Bathroom

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: Mermaid Master Bathroom

Designed by Megan Bishop of Greymark Development + Design, this master bathroom's stunning, multicolored blue fish scale tile in Ogee Drop tile is an out-of-this-world addition to a renovated 100+ year old home. Keep scrolling to learn more from Megan about this project and her under-the-sea-inspired design!

Mermaid Master Bath

Tile shown: Ogee Drops in Emerald, Sea Foam, Azurine, Lagoon, & Hawaiian Blue// Design: Greymark Development + Design // Photos: Pawel Dmytrow

Meet Megan!


  • Design philosophy – No matter what your style preference is, there’s always a high-quality timeless version waiting to be built.
  • How I Started Designing – My love of creating art started at a very young age, and developed into a love for all things design. I decided to be an Interior Designer when I was nine, but when I started at Harrington College of Design, I began to pursue my interests in architecture and the building process. I’ve always been perceptive to how things are built, so to combine design and construction into one job was always my goal. After graduation, I started drafting and project managing freelance, while working with custom furniture at the Holly Hunt corporate office. I found Greymark Development about three years after and was able to use my knowledge of furniture construction, drafting, and project management to design and build custom luxury single-family homes.
  • I can’t live without – A sketchbook. When I get an idea in my head, I need to draw it out immediately! 

Mermaid-Inspired Master Bath, Location: Chicago, IL

Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop Shower

How did you get involved on this project? 
The clients were referred to Greymark from a neighbor that was a previous client of ours. This project needed a designer and construction project manager that could work through the challenges of renovating a 100+ year old home while making sure the transition from existing home to new was seamless. 

Fireclay Tile Mermaid Master Bath

What were your design goals for this space?
The clients had a clear vision in mind for the modern renovation to the vintage home. I was able to help by executing their dreams, and suggest the creative details that helped finish the project. The new master bathroom was one of the areas we built new, so I was able to suggest something very different and unique. Our goal was to create a space that showed the eclectic taste of the clients, but still kept the clean lines and light air that runs throughout the house.


With so many fun tile shapes to choose from, how did you land on the Ogee Drop?
I suggested the Ogee Drop shape to the client after she showed us an inspiration photo of a glass mosaic tile that had a similar oceanic feel to it. 

Fireclay Tile Ogee Drops

Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Cerulean and Azurine

We narrowed down the color selection to three different blues until the client suggested adding three more. Using six different colors was a big decision, but the final colors went together so well that I was fully supportive. We originally planned the blue fish scale tile on the back wall of the shower as an accent, but later decided that the entire shower and vanity wall would create more of a statement.


The client was very involved in the process making this a collaboration from start to finish. As the building process went on in the house, new ideas and requirements arose. I was able to adapt each idea and fit it into the home, which lead to each room being very detailed and thought-out. 

Mermaid Master Bath

How did the installation process go? Any challenges? Lessons learned?
Went it came time to install the tile, we were about half way up the wall when the client decided to eliminate one of the colors. Our tile guys were very meticulous and were able to remove the sixth color and arrange the five remaining colors to the new pattern we wanted. They were able to seamlessly work around the brackets for the floating stone shower bench and exact sconce locations above the vanity.

The loss of one color left us short on material, so our tile guys came up with the idea to put the sixth color behind the spaces where the mirrors were being hung. We needed to keep the tile going behind the mirrors to support the other tiles in the pattern, so this was the perfect solution. You would never know it’s there! 


Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop


Ogee Drop Master Bath Vanity

How was your experience working with Fireclay Tile?
Working with Fireclay has been amazing from the beginning. Their willingness to help through the process of choosing all of the different colors helped us get our order through seamlessly. The Fireclay team is truly unique from any other tile company we’ve worked with in the past. 

Ogee Drop Shower Surround

Why do you love working with tile?
I love tile because it brings depth and interest to any room. There are so many creative applications and uses, it makes any space unique! 

What Fireclay product are you dying to use in your next project?
The Greymark team and I are dying to use the glass tiles! They’re such a refreshing take on the once outdated, typical glass. Every color is so beautiful! 

Fireclay Tile Glass Colors

Best design advice? 
Use the things that have been around you forever, build off of them and turn it into something new, different, and personable. Good design will follow naturally. 

Check out more of Greymark Development's work on their website.

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