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Ordering Extras: Everything You Need to Know When Buying Tile

Ordering Extras: Everything You Need to Know When Buying Tile

You've finally choosen your perfect tile and have made it almost all the way through the ordering process when you are asked to order an additional overage amount.  You may be wondering what this is, why we suggest it, and how much you should order.  We're here to help!  Below is everything you need to know about ordering extras.

Why do we suggest ordering more tile than you need for your install?

We always suggest ordering at least 15-20% extra, an amount that is meant to cover loss of material during cutting and possible job site jostling. Most often when a unique, handmade tile cut has been made, the remaining piece of tile cannot be used anywhere else, resulting in fewer tiles than expected.  We especially recommend ordering extras when dealing with our specialty shapes and intricate installations.  These require more cuts, resulting in a larger loss of tile than you would have with a simple field tile installation.

However, the 15% rule doesn't always apply to larger jobs such as commercial applications.  10% of a large job will probably end up being too much, around 5% should do the trick.  If you're unsure our design associates are happy to help figure out exactly how much extra you should order.

Why can't I just place a re-order if I don't have enough?

Placing smaller refill orders after the initial order can be costly and time-consuming, and due to the inherent batch variation with Fireclay Tile, a second run could end up looking different from the original order.  If you do end up placing a re-order, and it is under 25 square feet, or 25 pieces of Handpainted, be prepared to be charged a set-up fee.  Not sure what this is?  You can learn all about set-up fees and why we charge them here.

When placing a re-order you'll also face the same lead time as any other order, so you will most likely have to delay your installation, which can end up costing you even more.

How do I figure out how much extra I should order?  And how do I order it?

On the product page you'll notice a button under your square-footage amount that says "How much do I need? Use Calculator.  This is where we figure it out for you!

Simply enter your square footage.  We recommend at least 15% but if you think you'll need more due to installation difficulty, you can choose a higher percentage.  When it comes to ordering tile, It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Once you fill out the fields our calculator will tell you the total square footage of tile you should order.

Ready to start your order?  Get started by ordering free samples.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.