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Mosaics: Small tile, big impact.

By Kali |

They may be small, but mosaics certainly pack a punch. With three timeless shapes and endless color combinations to choose from, you can create a unique installation for projects of all sizes and layouts. Whether you’re looking for a subtle design element or an eye-catching focal point, we’ll find a mosaic that works for you. We've made creating a blend that's all your own in a matter of seconds with our new Mosaic Blend Tool

Our innovative Tile Mosaic Blend Tool helps you seamlessly customize, adjust, and sample your creation. Simply select your size and up to 4 colors and adjust the percentages to make it your own. Like what you see? Order samples of your mosaic straight from the tool.

All of our mosaic sizes are available in both our white and recycled clay bodies and patterns come pre-sheeted with a clear face tape that ships in sheets that are approximately 1SF each for easier installation (Prefer them loose? Just let us know). Here are the available standard patterns that we sheet: 

We're sharing more about our Mosaic Collection below, but if you want more inspiration, head to our Pinterest Board

Small Diamond:

We'll start off with a real crowd pleaser. You can certainly have a lot of fun with our small diamond. Just as dynamic is a neutral as it is an a bold color, this shape can be set in a number of patterns that fit right in with the geometric tile trend that shows no sign of slowing.

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Morning Thaw, Navy Blue and Sorbet

Let the pattern speak for itself with an impactful monochrome palette, or mix it up with a blend of hues that’s truly you.

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Lagoon set in an Escher Pattern.

When making your mosaic, considering opting for two shades in the same color family for a seamless blend: 

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Martinique and St. Alban's Blue.

Try turning the pattern like this in all white for a softer, but just as impactful look:

Image: Red Online

For a backsplash like the one above try our Small Diamonds in White Wash:

This shape works for floors too. Accentuate the pattern with a contrasting grout color. 

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in White Wash; Image: Jaclyn Johnson

2" Hexagon:
There is something so lovable about these little 2" hexagons. Like our other hexagon sizes, these work in a bevy of applications.

Tile Shown: 2" Hexagons in Sea Foam.

This size hexagon is charming in a kitchen setting:

Image: Annabone & Co.

This sized hex is also ideal for the bathroom; from your backsplash to your flooring, you've got a winner.

Image: BlogLovin'

With all these colors, it can be hard to pick just one. Use your favorite paintings, photographs, or create a mood board for palette inspiration.

Tile Shown: 2" Hexagons in Adriatic Sea

This small square is a popular and classic choice for many applications. It can work from your fireplace to your kitchen backsplash to your bathroom floor.

Image: Dezeen; Design: Dan Gayfer 

Consider using mosaic tile for your shower floor--smaller tiles can help to increase traction underfoot, especially in wet-prone areas. If you're choosing squares for your bathroom, it is an easy pairing to scale down to a 2x2 for your shower pan. 

Tile Shown: 4x4s on the walls and 2x2s on the shower pan floor, both in Tusk.

This size also pairs well with other shapes and sizes:

Tile Shown: 2x8s in Slate Blue and 2x2s in Shale.

Working on a commercial project? No matter the mosaic, we can help. We worked on a number of custom mosaics for Salesforce East: 

Tile Shown: 2x2s in a blend of custom colors. 

The smallest of them all, the 1x1 has wow factor on its own or as focal point for a backsplash or shower niche.

Tile Shown: 1x1s in Emerald and Lagoon.

Tile Shown: 2x8s in Foggy Morning, 1x1s in Azurine, Foggy Morning, Hawaiian Blue and Martinique.
Image: Michael Fearon

Great on their own or as an accent to an install, 1x4s work wonderfully in many patterns. Try a pattern in this wee-sized rectangle for your shower pan floor or a niche.

Tile Shown: 1x4s in Celadon in a vertical offset pattern.

Small space? Simple solution. Petite backsplashes in the kitchen, laundry room, or living room are perfect spots for impactful tile mosaics. Like the 1x4, this size may be small, but it can be a real eye catcher.

Tile Shown: 1x6 Tiles in Tusk; Design: The Modern Caravan; Image: Kate Oliver

Highlight color variation with an offset pattern like the install below: 

Tile Shown: 1x6 tiles in Martinique.

Loving any of these featured colors? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Or have questions about starting a mosaics project of your own? Simply call, chat, or fill out our 
Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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