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Installation Stories: Midcentury Meets Modern Bathroom

By Kali

Installation Stories: Midcentury Meets Modern Bathroom

Images & Design: Urbanism Designs

Urbanism Designs, a boutique interior design and style studio, chose statement-making floor tile that beautifully bridges the gap between Mid-century and modern style in this Eichler bathroom. We talked to Pamela, founder of Urbanism Designs, about this project, her path to becoming a designer and of course, the tile too: 

First, can you tell me about about yourself?
Urbanism Designs was born out of my passion for interior design. I renovated my own house (an Eichler) several years ago and I designed everything myself. It just felt so natural to me and I loved every single minute of it. My house was featured after the renovation and people started reaching out to me to help them with their homes. After a while, I decided that life is too short to not pursue your dreams, especially when it's right in front of me! So I took a leap of faith and seized the opportunity - I resigned from my senior project manager position at Google and started my own interior design firm. I haven't looked back and have never been happier. I love what I do so much that it has never felt like work to me. I specialize in designing a modern approach to just about any style: mid-century, industrial, rustic, transitional and contemporary designs. I like modern, clean lines that don't feel sterile. I like the spaces I create to feel warm and inviting while also being functional and practical. 

I know you've worked with our tile before, what are some of your favorite colors/shapes? 
There's really no shapes or colors that I don't like! really I feel that I can work with every single shape and color if it suits the project and client's taste. 

What type of look or aesthetic were you and your client's going for in this bathroom? 
Since this is an mid-century Eichler home, we wanted the aesthetic to be mid-century modern. I also wanted to make sure it shows off my client's fun, a bit quirky personality. 

How involved were your client's in the design process? 
My client was involved in every step of the design process and she engaged with me on everything so it really was a perfect collaboration.

What made you go for Dusty Blue?
Originally, the client was thinking of the darker Peacock but I felt that it was too dark for a small space. Dusty Blue just felt calm, modern, clean and bright. It's perfect for this small bathroom.

How about the Hexite shape? Were there other contenders? 
Hexite's geometric shape is modern and the client and I both love the shape so it was a no brainer! 

How about the larger scale 6x12 in White Wash? 
I wanted a simple clean design on the shower walls so it doesn't take away from the feature floor tiles. Also I wanted to keep it visually "less noisy" so it doesn't make the space feel smaller than it already is. But I wanted something more interesting than a regular subway tile size. My client hates grout so I chose a size that's as big as we can go without being out of proportion with the size of the small walls.

Tile Shown: 6x12s in White Wash 
How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? 
Everything went smoothly and perfectly. The quality of the tiles is great and that made the installation process easy. 

Lastly, what shapes or colors are you hoping to use in future projects? 
Anything I haven't used before. But I really do want to try the new Agrarian collection. I love all the fun geometric shapes and colors, and they would be great in a lot of my projects. I haven't seen them used as much since they're new so it would be fun to be one of the firsts to try them out in real projects. They're more bold so I'm waiting for the right client and project to come along.

Tile Shown: Agrarian Collection in Warm Motif 

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