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Handpainted Pattern Spotlight: Fallow

By Lindsey

Handpainted Pattern Spotlight: Fallow

Our Agrarian Collection features patterns that can be installed in so many different configurations, so we thought it best to give these patterns their own spotlight. First up is Fallow! Each 8x8 tile features a quarter of a circle, giving you the freedom to construct or deconstruct the pattern in any way you choose. Arrange it to make full circles, semicircles, four quadrants, or a combination of all three. We're sharing design inspiration below, but if you want more head to our Agrarian Pinterest Board

Full Circle: 
Four of these tiles make a full circle. Go for bold polka dots in our Cool Motif or more subtle with the White Motif


We love the idea of trying two color motifs in an arrangement like this (our graphic designer calls it "Moon and Stars"): 


Half Circles: 
Whether you set them horizontally or vertically, you're sure to be over the moon for this pattern. 


Tile Shown: Fallow in Cool Motif

These half circles make for an equally impactful wall or floor tile option: 


Tile Shown: Fallow in Cool Motif 

Black and white handpainted floor by Fireclay Tile

Tile Shown: Fallow in Cool Motif // Photo: Sonja Rasula

They can also be set in an offset pattern, which has an oversized Ogee Drop feel: 

Handpainted Fireclay Tile Floors in Fallow Handpainted Fireclay Fallow Floor Tile Fireclay Tile Kitchen

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Feldspar with handpainted Fallow in White Motif // Design & Photos: Reserve Home

Handpainted Fallow Floor

Tile Shown: Fallow in a custom Ivory and Sandstone colorway // Design & Photo: Sarah and Rich Combs

This pattern options as a subtle feel that makes the perfect pop of pattern for a wall application: 


Tile Shown: Fallow in White Motif 


Tile Shown: Fallow in Warm Motif 

Try a pin wheeled look by turning the tiles like the rendering below (how amazing would a floor be in this pattern?)


Complimentary digital renderings are available for projects 75 sq/ft and above.

Get Creative:
One pattern, endless opportunities. We discovered that you can really get creative with this pattern and make an installation that's all your own. For example, this rope-like configuration: 


Explore a blend of two motifs and create a repeating circular pattern like this: 


You can also create a hypnotic statement in your space with something like this: 


Inspired by fallow? Order a sample of your own. Need some help? Simply chat, call or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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