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Designer Spotlights

Designer Spotlight: Rethink Design Studio

Designer Spotlight: Rethink Design Studio

We're back with another Designer Spotlight, and this time we're featuring Savannah, Georgia's own, Rethink Design Studio. We discovered Rethink after seeing one of their projects on Instagram featuring our Ogee shape in Kiwi. Once we checked out their website, we knew we had to learn more about them! The talented team of Rethink consists of owners, Joel and Erika Snayd, along with their Project Manager, Sarah, and Design Assistant, Erica Marie Kelly. Rethink was founded in 2005 as an interior architectural studio, and since then the company has successfully operated in Savannah for the past nine years and has been recognized for its custom approach to suit the individual needs of each project and client.

By offering a wide range of design services including interior architectural design, interior decorating, construction management, and branding/identity packages for commercial and residential spaces, Rethink Rethink's has developed a large client base ranging from custom commercial projects to full home renovations.

Rethink Design Studio employs a group of designers from the nearby University for Creative Careers (SCAD). Each of their designers brings their unique aesthetic and skills to the firm, broadening the company's scope of work. Their goal for every project is to capture the client's own style through a process of exposure, education and creativity.

"It is the combination of brand development and interior architecture creating Interior Branded Environments that truly sets Rethink Design Studio apart. Having come from large advertising agencies in NYC, we provide trademark perspective on branding and design, and understand the importance of showcasing one's personality, whether it is for commercial or residential projects." – Rethink Design Studio

A Quick Chat with Rethink...

Our style can be described as…

Organic Modernism. All of our projects involve mixing the old with the new to create a cohesive space not pegged down by any particular era or style. As a studio, we tend to gravitate towards the clean lines of mid-century pieces and the neutral color palette of Scandinavian design.

Our design philosophy is…

We approach each project as a branded environment, taking both the client's wishes and the surrounding space as a basis for the well-informed design. When you see each client as their own unique brand, you can encapsulate their personalities into objects and textures that ultimately reflect who they are.

We got our start…

The owners of our company, Joel and Erika Snayd, come from an advertising background in NYC and bring a marketing-focused approach to the studio. Moving to Savannah to pursue Joel's master's degree in both Interior Design and Historic Preservation allowed us to combine all three practices to successfully renovate an old bank into a highly successful restaurant (Local 11ten). The rest is history.

We find inspiration in…

Being in the heart of Savannah acts as inspiration enough with the constant views of some pretty amazing architecture. Because of our ties with a local design school, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), the talent our interns and new hires bring to the table keeps our designs fresh and is always challenging the norm.

We can’t live without…

Smoothies. We've eaten more meals through a straw than we'd like to admit.

Our best design advice would be…

Know when to hire a professional. It's easy to get wrapped up in the DIY craze and take on lofty home improvement projects on your own. If you ever have the slightest doubt or don't know where to begin, do some research on your local design sources and start the conversation. You'll more than likely end up saving both money and headache.

We love tile because…

Tile allows a great opportunity to add texture into a space, whether it be through finish, shape, or color. The installation alone can be considered an art form that always seems to add the finishing touch to a well-thought out kitchen or bath.

Our favorite Fireclay color is…

We couldn't choose a favorite, however, we did just install the Kiwi with engobe in a young girl's bath that we're absolutely crazy about. The soft green freshens the space and the engobe crackle gives it a richer authenticity and warmth.

The living room above and the bedroom and kitchen below are part of a four-story downtown home renovation that Rethink tailored to each family member's personality.

The living room below is part of a home built for a family of four. Rethink turned their traditional river-view home into a casual, transitional space that fits the family's growing needs.

Rethink gave this newly constructed beach house a sense of character with architectural detail and small tributes to the family's history.

Want to learn more about ReThink Design Studio? Check out their website.