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Design Trends

Design Trends: 7 Outdoor Patio Tile Design Ideas You'll Love

By Lindsey

Design Trends: 7 Outdoor Patio Tile Design Ideas You'll Love

April 22 is Earth Day and it is just right around the corner!  Celebrated everywhere, Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world with over a billion people participating! It's a good time to think about broadening support of environmental programs, rekindling public commitment and building community support around all things Green.  At Fireclay Tile, we are committed to a healthy sustainable environment on a daily basis. We incorporate as much recycled material as possible into our products while improving quality and durability at the same time. Even though for us, everyday is Earth Day, April 22 is a great time to celebrate progress, reflect, and ask,"What more can I do?"

In celebration of Earth Day we've put together our favorite outdoor tile patios and living designs ideas, and how you can recreate them with Fireclay.

1.) Warm Neutrals

Inspired by the contrast between mountain and sky, our 6" Triangle swimming pool tiles complement The Joshua Tree House's desert landscape.

Swimming Pool in Joshua Tree

Design + Photo: Sara Combs and Rich Combs

2. ) Vertical Color

A feature wall created from orange and yellow outdoor non-slip patio tiles supplies a cool colorful look all year round. The organized vertical stripes generate a pleasing, cohesive, composition.

Outdoor non-slip patio tiles

4x8 in City Lights and Taxi // Design + Photo: Claire Thomas

3.) Handpainted Stair Risers

Every step is a work of art as you enter this dreamy desert hotel, featuring custom handpainted tile stair risers. 

Handpainted Stair Risers

Design: Sara Combs + Rich Combs

4.) Colorful Outdoor Shower

Nestled in the western jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica, The Nomadic Hotel's wayfaring visitors are welcomed by a chic, open-air lobby. More fade-resistant than cement tile, The Nomadic's outdoor brick shower offers a durable design solution for Costa Rica's tropical climate.

Outdoor Brick Shower

Brick Shown: Columbia Plateau and Great Plains

5.) An Inspired OasisThis is no mirage--this dreamy Mediterranean oasis is all the more alluring with its outdoor wall fountain, featuring our Star & Cross Tile paired with intricate Handpainted designs. You can create customized handpainted tiles like this of your own using our COLOR-IT Tool.

Handpainted Fountain

6.) Navy Blue Hexagons

Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, a Navy Blue Hexagon backsplash offers a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors in this luxury student housing complex's communal space and poolside bar.

Poolside Hexagon Tile

Design: LS3P // Photo: Katie Charlotte Photo

7.) Glass Pool Tile

Interior designer Becki Owens adds soothing spa vibes to this backyard pool with our glass mosaic tiles in a glossy neutral finish.  

Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Design: Becki Owens // Photo: Rebekah Westover Photography

Love these outdoor living design ideas?  Order free samples now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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