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Design Trends

Design Trends: 7 Outdoor Patio Tile Ideas You'll Love

By Lindsey

Design Trends: 7 Outdoor Patio Tile Ideas You'll Love

Great design shouldn’t stop at your back door. Beautifying your outdoor space by adding a patio increases both the usable space of your home and its value. And the ROI is a lot more than just resale price. Patios are the places some of our best memories are made whether they be family gatherings, barbecues with friends, or just a cozy fire with a loved one.

We've put together 7 of our favorite outdoor tile ideas featuring Fireclay tile for you to try on your patio this year.

hotel courtyard with tile wall

Tile Shown: Fallow Cool Motif // Design & Image: Ashley Petrone

1. Embrace the Environment

A patio enhances your outdoor space but it should still fit in with the environment it’s in. Everything from your patio floor tiles to furniture to landscaping choices should complement the scenery surrounding your home.

Inspired by the contrast between mountain and sky, our 6" Triangle swimming pool tiles complement The Joshua Tree House's desert landscape and natural stone pool deck.

house with pool in desert setting

Tile Shown: Sand Dune & Milky Way 6" Triangle //Design & Image: Sara Combs & Rich Combs

2. Checkerboard Terrace

Checkerboard floor tiles are no stranger to indoor spaces and patios are another perfect place to feature this fun and timeless pattern.

Inspired by traditional terraces of Morrocco this patio is rich in colors and textures thanks in part to the checkerboard ceramic tile leading from the patio floors to the angled seating.

Outdoor non-slip patio tiles

Tile Shown Sorbet & Sunflower 4x8 // Design & Image: Claire Thomas

3. Handpainted Stair Risers

For multi-level outdoor areas, handpainted stair risers elevate any patio design and while outdoor flooring often covers a large area, stair risers call for much fewer square feet making them a great place to splurge on high-impact tile.

Every step is a work of art as you enter this dreamy desert hotel, featuring custom handpainted tile stair risers.

Handpainted Stair Risers

Tile Shown: Avila Custom Motif & Vigo Custom Motif // Design & Image: Sara Combs & Rich Combs

4. Outdoor Showers & Soaking Tubs

An outdoor shower is both luxurious and practical. Not only do they offer unbeatable ambiance, but they’re also a great place to rinse off after a dip in the pool or a day at the beach without tracking water or sand into your home. Plus they’re just plain fun.

outdoor shower in tropical setting

Tile Shown: Columbia Plateau and Great Plains Standard Brick Tile // Design: Janice Camp // Image: Andres Garcia Lachner

For moments that call for a bit more relaxation, an outdoor soaking tub delivers peace and quiet to your patio. More efficient than a pool or spa, a soaking tub lets you linger in the privacy of your patio while enjoying the outdoors. Claire Thomas captures the serenity of the desert in this idyllic patio featuring a dreamy soaking tub.

soaking tub and pink patio in desert setting

Tile Shown: Dust Storm 3x3 Sheeted // Design & Image: Claire Thomas

5. A Fountain Oasis

Patios are relaxing on their own, but a fountain makes the mood even more inviting. A fountain adds a visual focal point thanks to the water feature and well-designed tile as well as audible appeal with the calming sound of falling water.

This is no mirage--this luxurious patio is all the more alluring with its outdoor wall fountain, featuring our Chaine Homme specialty tile.

patio with fireplace and wall fountain

Tile Shown: Adriatic Sea Chaine Homme // Design: Wes Architecture // Image: Sen Creative

6.) Outdoor Kitchens

One of the best parts of an outdoor space is enjoying it with company so why spend precious moments cooped up in your indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen takes the quintessential backyard barbecue to the next level with all the amenities you’d expect inside including a beautiful backsplash.

This hardscape is hard to beat with a wood-fired Argentine grill, plenty of poured concrete counter space, and a glazed brick tile backsplash to back it all up.

outdoor kitchen with argentine grill

Tile Shown: Bitterroot Standard Brick Tile // Design: Best Practice Architecture // Image: Ed Sozinho

7. Fireplace Focal Points

Evenings on the patio are even better with a little fire to warm things up. Ditch the backyard fire pit for something a little more elegant with an outdoor fireplace clad in handmade tile.

Large Star and Cross specialty tile decorates this luxury gas fireplace for a stunning focal point on cool California evenings under the stars.

patio fireplace with white star and cross tile

Tile Shown: Daisy Star and Cross, Saguaro Norman & Standard Brick Tile // Design: BEX Studios // Image: Brittany Anne Jarman

Love these outdoor living design ideas? Order free samples now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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