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21 Glass Subway Tile Ideas for your Kitchen or Bathroom

By Ted Ryan

21 Glass Subway Tile Ideas for your Kitchen or Bathroom

Love the look of subway tile but interested in something a little more modern? Glass tiles take the traditional look of subway tile and infuse it with a sleek style that either diffuses or reflects light depending on the choice of matte or gloss sheen.

From backsplashes to showers to pools, glass subway tile might make the difference in your design. See for yourself as we walk you through 21 of our favorite projects featuring glass tile.


Is Glass Subway Tile Hard to Keep Clean?

Glass tile is easy to clean. For routine cleaning use non-abrasive glass cleaners and/or microfiber towels.

Does Glass Subway Tile Scratch Easily?

Any glass tile, matte or gloss, on floors can show scratches. Based on abrasion tests by the international standards organization ASTM International, our glass tile is rated Class 3, appropriate for heavy residential traffic and light commercial traffic.

Do you Use Grout With Glass Subway Tile?

Yes. Non-sanded Urethane grouts are recommended. Cement and Epoxy grouts may be used if recommended by their manufacturer. Sanded grout may scratch the surface. Always test before using. We recommend using a 1/8" grout joint for glass tile.

Does Glass Tile Need to be Sealed?

Since Glass tile is impervious, it does not need to be sealed. However, grout should be sealed upon installation and every one to two years thereafter.

Does Glass Tile Cut Easily?

With proper cutting tools and techniques, even beginners can learn how to produce clean, accurate glass shapes. New generation cutting tools now make sizing and shaping of glass tiles accurate and efficient with a minimal amount of breakage.

Do you Need Special Thinset for Glass Tile?

Yes. Always use glass-specific white modified thinset designed for glass tile. Follow all manufacturers' instructions.

Glass Subway Tile Kitchens

white glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Sparrow Matte 4x12, Sparrow Gloss 4x12 // Design: Megan Warren // Image: Kathryn MacDonald

As mentioned in the intro, glass subway tile is available in both gloss and matte finishes for all 24 colors. This means you can achieve very different looks, even with the same color, and pairing them in a blend offers a little bit of both.

We love the way the light catches this blend of matte and glass tile, offering a refreshing take on the traditional white subway tile backsplash.

white subway tile backsplash

Tile: Dove Matte 3x12 // Design: Tara Felice Interiors // Image: Sarah Rossi

Another white glass tile, this one features a slightly warm hue that’s noticeable with its matte finish paired with bright white grout. The traditional offset pattern really harkens back to the original subway tile.

yellow glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Chickadee Matte 2x12 // Design: Happy House Place // Image: Kate Falconer

Subway tile was originally defined as a 3x6 ceramic tile and not only has the interpretation opened up to new materials, new dimensions qualify for the moniker as well. First it was accepted that any tile with a 1:2 height-to-width ratio was considered subway tile.

Now you’ll find any rectangular shape called subway tile including these beautiful elongated 2x12 tiles that make up this cheerful yellow backsplash.

pink glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Rosy Finch Matte 3x12 // Design: BOXI by Semihandmade // Image: Molly Rose Photo

Our glass tile is considered the original modern glass tile and for that reason, really looks incredible in modern design. This backsplash features a horizontal straight stack pattern with clean lines that define modernism.

blue glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Magpie Matte 3x12 // Design & Image: Joy Street Design

Another example of a straight-stack pattern, this backsplash is hung vertically. The pattern plays perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic of the kitchen and the vibrant blue color adds a bold element to the bright white space.

green glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Flycatcher Matte 2x12 // Design & Image: SIN

A matte finish softens the appearance of glass and goes very well with a soft color. This wall of glass tile exemplifies this with a subtle green color in matte glass and a grout color that blends into the design.

blue ombre glass subway tile backsplash

Tile: Grackle Matte 3x12, Magpie Matte 3x12, Kingfisher Matte 2x6, Dove Matte 2x6 // Design & Image: Happy Hour Design Collective

With 24 colors to choose from, creating artistic gradients is easy with our glass tile. Not only does this backsplash feature a smooth light-to-dark ombre design, but you'll also notice the creative transitions from small to larger scale tiles with each panel.

Glass Subway Tile Bathrooms

white glass subway tile wet room bathroom

Tile: Egret Matte 3x12 // Design: Kyla Ray Creative // Image: Angela Price

White tile will make a room appear larger. Leaning into that, this spacious bathroom is specced with our brightest white glass tile in a wet room bathroom design that is staggering in beauty and in scale.

neutral glass subway tile shower with terrazzo floors

Tile: Sparrow Gloss 2x6 // Design: Lorla Studio // Image: Vivian Johnson

Sticking with a similar principle, this spacious shower is decked out in a neutral color that makes the space feel open without coming off cold. The neutral terrazzo floors are a smart choice to go with the modern look of straight-stack glass tile.

gloss glass subway tile shower

Tile: Sparrow Gloss 2x12 // Design: R. Nickson Interiors // Image: Dan Austin

This shower features the same color and sheen of tile as above but look at how the light plays off the glossy finish. If your bathroom is naturally well-lit, especially if large windows are a feature in the shower, you can’t go wrong with the reflective nature of gloss glass tile.

yellow glass subway tile bathroom wall

Tile: Oriole Gloss 2x6, Falcon Gloss 3x12 // Design: LaTonya Yvette // Image: Nina Barry

The ceramic glazes fused to our glass tile can warm up a space and in a bathroom that’s often just what a designer is going for. This bathroom features half walls of warm yellow tile paired with a buttery bucolic hand-painted mural.

amber glass subway tile shower with white hexagon tile floor

Tile: Falcon Matte 3x6, Halite 2" Hexagon // Design & Image: Theron Humphrey

This amber color looks incredible on shower walls. Here you’ll see it featured in a classic 3x6 subway tile and offset pattern. The vertical orientation, however, gives it an original look.

yellow glass subway tile shower

Tile: Falcon Matte 2x12 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

Here we have the same color but in elegantly drawn out 2x12 tiles in a straight stack pattern that gives the shower a decidedly minimalist Scandinavian style.

pink glass subway tile shower

Tile: Rosy Finch Matte 2x12 // Design: Metro Design Build // Image: Jeffrey Johnson

Pink is another warm color that’s huge in bathroom design right now. Blurring the lines of neutral and accent color, pink lends a distinct pop of color to a bathroom without being overbearing. The matte finish on this shower makes the soft shade of pink even more approachable.

pink glass subway tile bathroom backsplash

Tile: Rosy Finch Gloss 4x12 // Design: Project M plus, Oh Joy // Image: Bethany Nauert

For a squeaky clean look in the bathroom though, a gloss finish might be the right choice for you. We love the way this pink glass backsplash shimmers. Speaking of clean, the oversized subway tile minimizes grout lines making it even easier to keep looking like new.

pink and red glass subway tile shower

Tile: Rosy Finch Matte 3x12, Pheasant Gloss 3x12, Dolomite 3x9 // Design: Handsome Salt // Image: Jenny Siegwart

Pink pairs well with deeper shades of red as well for a noteworthy two-tone design. This modern bathroom features walls of glass subway tile throughout, with the shower differentiated by a glossy deep red colorway.

green glass subway tile bathroom

Tile: Kingfisher Matte 3x6, Magpie Matte 3x6 & 1x1 // Design: Elemental Green // Image: Jill Tiongco Photography

On the other hand, cool colors are common choices for bathrooms. This example features true 3x6 subway tile in an aqua color that lends itself well to wet environments. Also, check out the complementary glass mosaic tile on the shower pan styled in a slightly darker aqua.

blue glass subway tile tub surround

Tile: Great Blue Heron 2x12 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

The cool tones continue here with an icy blue shade of matte glass decorating this tub surround. The Scandi look and soothing shade are just right for a relaxing environment.

dark blue glass subway tile shower

Tile: Barnswallow Matte 3x12, Barnswallow Gloss 2x6 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

Same designer and similar design style, this shower features a bit more drama thanks to the darker shade of blue glass. Check out how the niche window is framed in a glossy finish of the same color for a creative design moment.

blue and white glass subway tile striped bathroom backsplash

Tile: Barnswallow Matte 3x12, Dove Matte 3x12 // Design: Marni Mervis // Image: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors

Dark blue glass adds an excellent element of contrast when paired with a white tile as seen here in this playful striped bathroom backsplash.

Tile: Blue Jay Matte 3x12, 1x1 & 4x12 Glass // Design: Ginny Macdonald // Image: Sara Tramp

Finally, don’t be afraid to go all out. This dazzling bathroom is a jewel box of glass tile, featuring elegant 2x12s in a bold blue color and eye-catching herringbone pattern spread out across the vast space with matching 4x12 glass covering the shower curb and gem-like 1x1 glass mosaic tile decorating the shower pan. Just perfection!

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