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10 Glass Backsplash Tile Ideas

By Ted Ryan

10 Glass Backsplash Tile Ideas

Glass tile gives any space a sleek, contemporary look. Impervious to water and stains, glass is a great choice for backsplashes. A glass backsplash makes a kitchen or bathroom easier to care for and provides a freshness that pairs perfectly with today’s modern fixtures.

Handsome Salt 3x12 glass tile in rosy finch

Glass Shown: Rosy Finch Matte in 3x12 // Design: Handsome Salt // Image: Jenny Siegwart

We’re walking you through 10 glass tile backsplash ideas on the cutting edge of backsplash design.

Learn the 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tile Backsplash

Reasons to Consider Glass for Your Backsplash

Stands up to Backsplash Wear and Tear

Our handmade Glass Tile is made by fusing clear glass with ceramic glazes at a high temperature. Glass tiles can be installed on interior or exterior wall areas, in wet or dry locations. Our glass tile is made of pure impervious glass, and have the following qualities:

• Impervious to water and stains

• Highly resistant to chemical attack

• Resistant to fading and discoloration

In abrasion tests predicting real-life wear of tile, our glass tile is rated Class 3, meaning it is appropriate for heavy residential to light commercial use. For routine cleaning, we recommend using non-abrasive glass cleaners like a microfiber towel on glass tile.

Design Choices

Glass tile is available in a huge variety of dimensions and vivid colors, offering vast possibilities for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

We offer 24 colors, each available in either matte or gloss, and 12 sizes including 6 sheeted mosaic shapes. Sizes and colors can be mixed and matched together, or glass can be paired with ceramic tile, opening up even more colors, shapes, and ways to customize your backsplash.

Glass Tile

Contemporary Appeal

Precision laser cut glass fused with vivid glaze is as futuristic as it gets when it comes to visionary design. A glass backsplash is a stylish backdrop for today's countertops, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.

Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Matte Monochromes

White tile, especially subway tile, is usually the safest option for a kitchen backsplash. But white glass grabs attention the way other tiles may not. Neutral glass tile is a conservative choice but anything but conventional.

Choose a matte finish to diffuse the reflectiveness of light if you have a bright kitchen that gets plenty of daytime sun. The light shade keeps the kitchen bright without blinding you with glare when you’re trying to cook.

This kitchen backsplash in Egret Matte Glass offsets the dark hardwood with a frosty finish that matches the light grey cabinets.

Olli Pop egret matte kitchen backsplash

Glass Shown: Egret Matte in 2x4 // Design: Ollie Pop Design // Image: Belu Photography, Ollie Pop Design

The same colorway tile gets an even more contemporary appearance by using 4x4 Tile in a Straight Set pattern.

Victoria Ninette Interiors Egret Matte kitchen Backsplash

Glass Shown: Egret Matte in 4x4 // Design + Image: Victoria Ninette Interiors

Color Combination

While a light, monochromatic backsplash screams contemporary, adding a little color and variety can bring warmth and a more classic look to your kitchen.

This backsplash comes together with a tonal assortment of complementary colors that pays homage to the look of a classic brick wall with a modern twist.

Glass Blend Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Shown: Chickadee Gloss, Oriole Gloss, and Falcon Matte in 2x6 // Design: Velic Construction

Glass Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Tall Tile

A single course of 12-inch tile offers sharp design detail as well as the benefits of no horizontal grout lines to clean.

This powder room uses warm Dove Gloss glass to give the vanity area vertical coverage in a subtle neutral.

Nooq Dove Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Shown: Dove Gloss in 2x12 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

Rosy Finch Matte Glass with white grout gives this backsplash a soft pink pinstripe design.

Rosy Finch Matte Backsplash

Glass Shown: Rosy Fing Matte in 2x12 // Design: Metro Design Build // Image: Jeffrey Johnson

This bathroom features vertical 12” tile all the way to the ceiling to contrast the deep red glass shower tile.

Chase + Lauren glass bathroom design

Glass Shown: 3x12 in Sparrow Matte and Pheasant Gloss // Design + Image: Chase Daniel

Modern Mosaic

Intricate straight-set glass mosaic tiles give this pink powder room a charming aura.

Jaclyn Johnson 1x1 in Rosy Finch Matte

Glass Shown: Rosy Finch Matte in 1x1 //Design: Ginny Macdonald, Styling by CJ Sandgren //Image: Sara Tramp, Jessica Bordner

Large Format

The smaller the tile, the more grout lines will be needed to install your backsplash, grout lines that need to be cleaned regularly.

For larger area backsplashes, consider a larger format tile like Joy Cho of Oh Joy! did with this wall of offset 4x12 Glass Tile in Rosy Finch Gloss.

Oh Joy Bathroom 4x12 glass in Rosy Finch Gloss

Glass Shown: Rosy Finch Gloss in 4x12 //Design: Project M plus, Oh Joy // Image: Bethany Nauert

Beyond the Backsplash

A glass backsplash works best as one element in a cohesive bathroom design. Consider connecting your backsplash to other tiled surfaces throughout the bathroom.

This herringbone bathroom gets a complete coverage of Blue Jay Matte Glass Tile that includes the backsplash area.

Jaclyn Johnson 2x12 in blue jay matte

Glass Shown: Blue Jay Matte in 2x12 //Ginny Macdonald, Styling by CJ Sandgren //Image: Sara Tramp, Jessica Bordner

This low-profile backsplash in cool Warbler Matte lines up perfectly with the half wall separating the sink from the custom shower tiled in the same 4x4 glass.

Victoria Ninette Interiors Warbler Gloss in 4x4

Glass Shown: Warbler Matte in 4x4 //Design + Image: Victoria Ninette Interiors

Remodeling your entire bathroom? Start here with our complete guide to bathroom tile.

Ready to get some glass and start designing your kitchen or bathroom backsplash? Sample from our extensive collection of colors in gloss and matte finish.

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