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Proud to Be a B Corp

So, What's a B Corp?

We make it our business to do good. As the first tile company to be a certified Benefit Corporation, or B Corp, we’re part of a global movement to redefine success in business. By balancing profit with purpose, we seek to achieve higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Certification is administered by the non-profit organization B Lab, much like how Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO) certifies products as USDA Organic or the USGBC awards LEED certification to buildings.

Our B Impact Score

We score big, for the better. With a B Impact Score of 115.4, Fireclay Tile ranks among the top 10% of businesses committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable planet for all. This puts us in the company of beloved brands like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s.

Our score is based on the comprehensive B Impact Assessment, which quantifies our environmental health, workforce benefits, community contribution, and governance transparency through rigorous surveying and point systems.

How to Be a B Corp

As a Benefit Corporation, we’re evaluated on four main impact areas—environment, employees, community, and governance. Here’s what we’re doing to make a positive impact across all areas of our business.


Benefiting the Planet

Sustainability is in our DNA. On top of making our products to order, we offset 100% of our carbon footprint from our entire operation, including production and shipping. We’re also actively implementing waste diversion programs with the goal of being certified Zero Waste by 2023. See How We're Sustainably Made
Benefiting the Planet

Benefiting Our People

Benefiting Our People

We are nothing without our Makers. By increasing our starting wage to $17/hr, substantially subsidizing medical insurance and health expenses, providing equity ownership and 401K matching, offering 0% interest loans, and more, we’re committed to investing in our people. Meet Our Makers


Benefiting Our Community

We can only thrive if our community thrives. Pledging 1% of Fireclay Tile’s equity and product to non-profits, funding extracurricular pursuits for our team members’ families, donating to our local public school, and giving every employee a paid volunteer day are just some of the ways we build shared prosperity for all. Give Back with Fireclay
Benefiting Our Community

Benefiting by Governance

Benefiting by Governance

Corporate governance impacts everyone. By sharing monthly and quarterly financials with all employees and investors, providing company-wide bonus opportunities, and pursuing gender parity in the workplace, Fireclay Tile embodies business as a force for good. join the makers

We're in Good Company


Annual Benefit Corporation Report