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Our Story

We’re scavengers. We’re innovators. And we’re changing the way you think about tile.

Since 1986, we’ve been reinventing, redefining, and radicalizing the industry. Although technology and tastes have evolved over the years, our most valuable assets will and always remain locally-sourced materials and the cultivated hands that shape them.

We’re part of a long and rich history of tile making in California. It all began with our Founder and Chief Ceramicist Paul Burns, who got his start as an apprentice to his uncle at the age of 10, carrying on a family tradition that dates back to the 1920s.

For us, making tile is about more than just playing with color.

It’s about the earth. We dig our hands into the dirt and feel a connection to the past, to our history, and to our need for shelter. Clay is one of the oldest building materials known to man, yet somehow, it continues to surprise us every day.

We may have caught tile up to the 21st century, but the heart and soul of Fireclay remains the same. We work directly with you because at the end of the day, you’re the thing that keeps us going. We still make every tile to order at our Aromas factory, nestled in the middle of California’s agricultural heartland, right where it all began.

Our Values

  • Honesty first.

    We are dedicated to making things the right way. How? By investing in our local economies, paying our people fairly and using business as a force for good. We support a culture of transparency in all areas of manufacturing as well as business. It’s how we keep ourselves honest, and why our customers choose us.

  • Measure twice. Cut once.

    Details matter. Taking the extra step to ensure we’ve made the right measurement or communicated the right message, ensures that we take care of our customers and of each other. We must constantly work towards being our strongest team by never making assumptions, speaking up when things go wrong, and holding ourselves and each other accountable to excellence.

  • Tread lightly on our earth.

    There’s only one earth, so we treat it that way. This means a ruthless examination of our materials and how we manufacture. We buy used, we repurpose, we take care of what we have, and we use recycled materials whenever possible. It’s not easy, but it’s the challenge that makes us all the more creative, innovative, and self-reliant.

  • Always be improving.

    As craftsmen we must seek continuous improvement and boundless learning. From our sales and marketing teams to the factory floor, we strive to become better every single day. We are constantly learning from each other and from our customers, viewing each new day as an opportunity to further sharpen our skills.

Business for Good


Every employee is offered equity in Fireclay Tile.

USA Manufacturing

All products are made by hand in California.


We offer all employees the standard stuff like health care, but also 401k with a matching program, paid time off, a fun environment, commuter benefits and lots of Fireclay's famous bbq.


We love giving back through partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and charitable donations at a local level.


All employees are paid a fair living wage.


From manufacturing materials to financial performance, we're an open book with all employees

The People

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