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StoriesTropical Escape

Paradise Calls

Enjoy summer vibes all year long with this timelessly tropical palette. Expertly curated by Fireclay Design Consultant Tiffannie White, this collection of refreshing, beachy hues are sure to make waves in all the right ways.

By mirroring glittering shorelines and crystal clear waters, Tiffannie immerses you in a range of colors and shapes that showcase our tile’s handcrafted features. Our artisanal glazes are awash with high variation and crackled detailing, while playful patterns give shape to the palette’s tidal appeal.

Into The Blue

Sample beachy destinations the world over with our exclusive Tropical Escape Sample Pack, which includes 2x4 color samples of Cerulean, Adriatic Sea, St. Albans Blue, Powder Blue, Calcite, Hawaiian Blue, Naples Blue, and Aqua.

Sample beachy destinations the world over with our exclusive Tropical Escape Sample Pack, which includes 2x4 color samples of Cerulean, St. Albans Blue, Powder Blue, Adriatic Sea, Aqua, Hawaiian Blue, Calcite, Naples Blue.

Get Tidal Style

Whether you want to make waves or just go with the flow, you can create your very own Tropical Escape with Tiffannie’s favorite color and pattern combos.

Tiffannie's Design Tips

Find Balance

“If there's already a lot of pattern happening, stick with a traditional shape if you like to add color, or vise versa. The key is balance—not too boring and not too busy." --Tiffannie
Design: Yumi Interiors. Photo: Michelle Lee Wilson

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Tell Your Story

“Tile helps tell a story. From vintage tile installed years ago to more modern shapes and patterns, it adds to the feel of a space.” --Tiffannie 
Design: Fernanda Conrad

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Find Variety

“I chose these 8 colors because teals and blues come in various shades, showcasing our handmade glaze process. I was intentional about including glazes with higher color variation, sheen differences, and levels of crackle in the tile.”--Tiffannie
Design: Meg Braff Designs. Photo: David Land

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See the Big Picture

“When considering the shape and color of a tile, think about all your other elements. If you don't have a lot of pattern already, don't be afraid to use a more saturated color and one of our specialty shapes.” --Tiffannie
Design: The MP Shift  Photo: Heidi's Bridge

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Get the Light Right

“Lighting is everything! If your space doesn't get a lot of natural light, using the right bulbs will help illuminate your space and tile project.”--Tiffanie 
Design: Elana Jadallah 

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The Small, Medium, and Large Method

“Want to incorporate an accent color into a neutral palette? Try it in small, medium, and large proportions to create balance. For instance, if you’re opting for blue, backsplash tile could be the large blue. A medium blue could come from artwork, and the small could come in formal dinnerware.” --Tiffannie

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Make Your Space a Destination

“For me, beautiful tropical destinations and R&R go hand in hand. Certain glazes reminiscent of teal waters always invoke the same feel that mirrors these amazing tropical spaces and experiences.” --Tiffannie

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Have Fun

“Neutral subway tile is great and timeless, but if there’s anything telling you to add just a tiny bit of pattern or color, go for it!” --Tiffannie
Design: Studio DIY

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Get Back to Nature

“Your living space should nurture you. Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to do that. It can be done using colors found in nature, mirrors opposite of windows, and plants or greenery.”

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Talk to the Experts

“If Fireclay Tile is in your plans, ask us about the crazing level and variations in color or size. Even grout can be a topic of discussion to make sure your design goes with the tile you want.” --Tiffannie

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Make Every Day Beach Day

“The colors and shapes I selected for Tropical Escape all read, "relax and enjoy" to me (cocktails optional).”

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Tile is Icing on the Cake

“Tile is like cake icing—I like mine whipped and measured by hand, organic, and made batch by batch just for me. It just tastes better!” --TIffannie

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