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StoriesThe Joshua Tree House

Desert Dreams

Reset. Relax. Reimagine. Set against the backdrop of a dreamy desert landscape, The Joshua Tree House tells a Story that soothes and inspires.

A hacienda located on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, The Joshua Tree House was renovated by Sara and Rich Combs. It now serves as a rustic retreat for anyone seeking an restorative escape from the daily grind.

Channeling the Combs’ appreciation for mindfulness, Mother Earth, and truth to materials, this Story reflects the earthy undertones and moody contrasts that surround their desert home. Whether you’re off the grid, in the city, or somewhere in-between, their picks offer reminders of nature’s abundant beauty.

The Modern Hacienda

Hand-picked by Sara and Rich Combs, our exclusive Sample Pack allows you to bring a piece of their hacienda retreat home. Includes Tusk, Salton Sea, Sunflower, Sand Dune, Sorbet, Antique, Nutmeg, and Navy Blue color samples.

Sara & Rich’s Design Tips


Natural Selection

Trying to come up with the perfect color palette? The outdoors are ripe with style inspiration for you to pick from.

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Function First 

Use function to inform design. With thoughtful planning, practical elements like storage space can seamlessly coexist with decorative details.

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Make It Home

A home is meant to be lived in, so choose items for your space that will only get better with time.

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Think About Grout

To keep their backsplash from looking too busy, the Combs opted for a Snow White grout for the kitchen’s Mini Star & Cross tile.

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Bring the Outdoors In

To echo their home’s desert location, the Combs incorporated a palette rich with golden tones, terra cotta, dusky pinks, and faded greens.

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Play with Texture

Incorporate accents with rough-hewn edges like exposed stone and vintage textiles into a streamlined layout to get a rustic modern look.

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Hacienda Vibes

Love the modern hacienda look? Plan your design keeping elements like terra cotta, wood, plaster, and woven materials in mind.

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Sunny Side Up

To get the Combs’ bright and sunny kitchen, consider installing large windows to maximize natural light and using white counter-to-ceiling tile.

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It’s the Little Things

It’s all in the details. The Combs deliberately decorated their home in a way that celebrated life’s everyday experiences.

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Always Add Plants

Bold blossoms, fresh herbs, charming succulents, lush greenery--no matter what you choose, plants will always breathe new life into your space.

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