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Making It Home

Megan Gilger has been chronicling her home-making journey through her blog’s Building Home series. We had the honor of outfitting their kitchen and all three bathrooms with tile, making the Gilger’s newly-built home feel extra special.

Small details can speak volumes. Invoking memories of summers in Lake Michigan, The Gilgers used our tile to infuse nearly-neutral blues and rustic touches into their Scandinavian farmhouse-style home.

Sample the Story

Want to give the palette a try? The Fresh Exchange Sample Pack lets you bring home all of the Gilger’s top tile picks. The Pack includes Salton Sea, French Linen, Sea Glass, Flagstone, Halite, Magnetite, Pyrite and Sand Dune.



Go with the Flow 

“Work from a color palette so that your home feels like it flows. Even if you prefer neutrals, subtle hues can create warmth and connection throughout your space.”

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Natural Reflections 

“Take note from the world around you. I used my greatest inspiration of Lake Michigan to drive our color choices in our home.”

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The Modern Farmhouse

“I took note of rustic farmhouse styles but added in subtle colors and slightly elongated shapes so that it felt modern and intriguing but still timeless.”

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Refresh the Classics 

“Give the classics an update. Small shifts to classics can make them feel fresh without eliminating timelessness.”

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Look Back, Design Forward

“This is a place that’s made so many of our memories and will continue to make more. For us that didn’t mean creating a traditional theme but instead a palette inspired by those memories.”

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Summer vibes, all year

Our bathroom emulates the colors of Lake Michigan throughout the year. Now when we take a shower here, it feels like we’re swimming in the depths of the lake in the winter.

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Crowd Pleasers 

I wanted it to feel fun for small children, but adult enough for our guests as well. The sea glass is fun but neutral and subtle still that feels relaxing and calming to guests.

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Trend-Defying Tile 

Choose colors that will complement your life but won’t ever feel limiting as your life changes and tastes shift.

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Nearly-Neutral Hues

Color doesn’t always mean bold. I am a neutrals person because I want my wardrobe and life to flow with the seasons of my life, but that doesn’t mean we couldn't have color.

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Small Space? Add Impact

“Small spaces are such awesome places to add something a little edgy. Inspired by boutique hotels in New York and LA, I wanted to feel something similar in this space.”

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