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StoriesSteeped in Style

Ritual Beauty

Composed of rustic handmade vessels, meditative atmospheres, and calming aromas, the art of tea bridges earthiness with everyday luxury.

For San Francisco-based interior designer Laura Taylor, tea is more than just a routine—it’s a design philosophy. Laura wanted to capture the sensory, tactile quality of tea drinking and translate it into a tile palette that soothes, stimulates, and inspires.

From steeping dried herbs to cradling a warm ceramic cup, her treasured tea moments are captured through calming neutrals and earthy, indulgent hues.

Steeped in Style Sample Pack

Treat your senses to a soothing palette with our Steeped in Style Sample Pack, featuring 2x4 color samples of Gypsum, Hunter Green, Rosemary, Basalt, Mustard Seed, Calcite, Loch Ness, and Pumice.

Design Your Tea Retreat

Want to inhabit this Story? Shop Laura’s hand-picked color and pattern combinations and begin crafting your very own tea-inspired retreat.

Laura Taylor's Design Tips


 Tile is a Team Player

“I love that tile can create a loud, highly-patterned wow moment, or a simple canvas that enhances the design elements around it.”  Design: Jennifer Jorgensen // Photo: 2nd Truth Photography

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Design to the People

“Give good design to the people: I love putting extra oomph into the most public spaces of my projects where it can reach the most people.” Design: MF Architecture // Photo: Chase Daniel

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 Make It Mean More

“Make your design mean more. Use materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. We shouldn’t have to choose between a beautiful or conscientious material—we should demand both!”

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Neutrals that Hold Their Own

“I chose Basalt and Calcite because I believe strong, simple neutrals are essential for a bold design.” Design: Jennifer Jorgensen // Photo: 2nd Truth Photography

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Natural Nuances

“I began by choosing the colors that reflected tea leaves. Hunter Green, Rosemary, and Pumice all have warm, earthy tones reflective of nature.”

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Make Special Moments

“Create opportunities for special moments—and don’t create them everywhere: great design requires a balance of emphasis and simplicity.” Design + Photo: Bonnie Wu Design

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Find Balance

“I love when 80% of my design is simple and 20% stands out as really special. In a world of feasibility constraints, I strive to spend my budget on the special moments.” Design: Jennifer Jorgensen // Photo: 2nd Truth Photography

Engage the Senses

“I think the familiarity of ceramic tile resonates with us like wood and textiles. We use and touch the materials in our everyday lives through clothing, furniture, and of course, tea mugs.”

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Anchor Your Palette

“Pick a warm or cool tone for your neutrals early on in your project: Color is complex and it can play tricks on your mind.”

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Go Handmade

“Handcraftsmanship balances with modern aesthetics and infuses warmth. Using handmade tile in my own projects is a clever way to infuse them with the same attractive qualities of handmade ceramic vessels."

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Stick to a Color Family

“Stick with the same family of grays like cool gray, warm, gray, or French gray, so that your accent colors read consistently across your project.” Design + Photo: Vestige Home

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Always Accessorize

“Accessorize! The final touch for every project should be a slew of accessories which might include artwork, plants, pillows, books, dishes, or doodads. It’s the perfect way to express yourself.” Design: Adele Lapointe // Photo: Mitch Shenker Studio 

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Mix Textures

“A variety of textures is so important when creating a dynamic environment. If a material with a distinctive texture is out of reach, I like to use additional lighting to visually emphasize it.” Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

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 Artisanal Inspiration

“Loch Ness and Gypsum stood out to me as glazes reminiscent of the mugs, dishes, and other vessels made by my favorite ceramicists with their finish and veining.”

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