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Paying homage to its triumphant Golden Age, Metropolis is a love letter to the architectural marvel that is the city.

Skyline Style

Architecture, industry, and abstraction intertwine in this homage to the city’s Golden Age. Curated by Fireclay Tile Design Consultant Brittany Ham, Metropolis celebrates the modern utopia in all its dynamic glory.

Create your own Metropolis with shades of black and gray in geometric patterns, reflecting steely landscapes and the city’s ever-shifting moods. Pops of yellow fuel the palette with bursts of energy.

Sample the City

The city is yours for the taking. Our Metropolis Sample Pack includes 2x4 color samples of Sunflower, Gypsum, Flint, and Basalt, plus Cravate in White Wash.

* The Metropolis Sample Pack includes four 2x4 sample colors in Sunflower, Gypsum, Flint and Basalt and one Cravate shape sample in White Wash.

Architect Your Story

Design your own urban-inspired utopia with colors and patterns inspired by the city’s distinctive architectural details and moody undertones.


The Height of Style

The city is overflowing with inspiration. Consider strong geometric details and bold accent colors for your next project.

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Urban Meets Old School

Walls of Scalene Triangle Tile in White Wash reinforce the space's old school meets new school sensibility.

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Map Out Your Style

Cravate’s fashion-forward silhouette is the perfect embodiment of the city. Dress it up with a two-toned palette.

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Bring the Outside In

Look to building exteriors to create an industrial-inspired look that's both daring and original.

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Multifaceted Moods

Take cues from the iconic Art Deco style with multifaceted patterns. Varying shades of gray and an accent color give it extra dimension.

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Gray Matter

Nothing says Gotham City quite like the perfect gray. Infuse it with rhythm and movement using our Scalene Triangle pattern.

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Dark and Moody

An oversized pattern like 8" Hexagons in a dark and moody palette can lend spaces a dramatic edge.

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Reaching New Heights

Use the architecture of the city as a blueprint for your next project—look for dynamic shapes and industrial-inspired palettes.

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Yield to Inspiration

Stop traffic with bold color pairings and geometric patterns that reflect urban environments and textures.

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Modern-Day Neutrals

A gray color scheme can still be warm and inviting--just take cues from this fireplace's eye-catching triangle mosaic.

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