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StoriesLuxe Loft

The Downtown Romantic

Downtown style gets all dressed up. Outfitted in a grown-up palette of moody jewel tones and grounded neutrals, this Story offers an expert blend of laid-back luxe. 

Channeling artist Sarah Lund’s flowing sculptural paintings, interior designer Desi Creswell curates a rich, lush palette to capture their sumptuously organic essence. Choosing a backdrop of rich hues, organic finishes, and lustrous accents, Creswell stages her dream downtown loft. 

A Lush Palette

Creswell’s modern organic palette features deep greens, industrial neutrals, and our newest color, Boundary Waters. A painterly blend with color variation ranging from deep indigo to washed denim, this layered blue hue is sure to be a classic.

Sample the Story

Our Luxe Loft Sample Pack features 2x4 Tile color samples in Venetian Green, Sugar, Fluorite, Tidewater, Moonstone, Navy Blue, Basalt, and our newest glaze, Boundary Waters.

Desi's Design Tips + Inspiration

Tile Any Way, Anywhere

“I love the versatility of tile. Even with a neutral-colored subway tile, you can add pattern and character to any space.”

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Organic Abstractions

“Like the swirling colors in Sarah Lund’s artwork, these colors feel like they have a natural ebb and flow.”

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Designed to Last

“Select timeless materials and colors for the more permanent finishes in your home. Think of tile and countertops as your base over which you can layer and experiment as your tastes evolve.”

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A Little Black Goes a Long Way

“Add a touch of black to every interior. The color anchors a space and provides contrast to keep the eyes interested.”

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Desi’s Style

“My style is Modern Classic. I prefer clean lines, a timeless color palette, and a blend of furnishing styles to ensure that a space feels inviting and livable.”

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Keep It Simple

“Choose simplicity. Your home is a space meant to be enjoyed, not maintained.”

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Downtown Meets Uptown

“While thinking about what type of interior would best complement Sarah Lund’s art I kept coming back to a palette of rich hues, natural wood tones, and metallic accents—materials that felt like they could elevate any downtown loft apartment.”

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A Painter’s Touch

“Sarah Lund's sculptural painting 61/100 was the inspiration behind Luxe Loft. Her use of color and form is modern, and at the same time, the three dimensional nature of the paint is supple and inviting.”

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Form x Function

“My favorite way to use tile is to create an eye-catching backdrop in a space that requires durability and longevity.”

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On-Hand Inspiration

“I am still very much a print person and enjoy nothing more than paging through a magazine or book to gather ideas. If I'm looking for something specific, I'll hop on Pinterest or Instagram.”

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Naturally Modern

“Blue-Greens, Fluorite, Tidewater and Moonstone strike a balance between energetic and soothing while the sophisticated matte finish of Basalt and Sugar ground the palette.”

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It’s All in the Details

“Decisions such as which color grout to use or how the tile wraps around a recessed shower niche can make a significant impact on the look of your finished project.”

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Take Your Time

“Hold out for the right item. It's much better to wait for "the one" than to select something because it's convenient, quick, or on sale. Your future self will thank you for your patience.”

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Moody Hues

“Venetian Green, Navy Blue, and Boundary Waters all have a depth of color that convey the qualities of a Luxe Loft.”

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