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Justina Blakeney

Queen of the Jungalow Justina Blakeney makes her mark with a bold Stories debut.

Welcome to the Jungalow

Get ready for some serious color therapy. Justina Blakeney, creator of the beloved Junglaow blog and authority on all things boho, has teamed up with us for one of our brightest Stories yet.

Eight hand-picked hues capture Justina’s trademark Jungalicious style. “Each one of these colors elicits a certain feeling from me,” says the design maven of her curated collection.

Balancing tropical shades with alluring earth tones, Justina’s Story captures an alluring ecosystem of color. “I love using natural materials. It makes me feel connected to the earth.” Sample the story for a piece of Justina’s world.

Sample the Story...

This is your chance to bring a piece of the Jungalow home. Our Justina Blakeney Sample Pack includes Antique, Claypot, Mustard Seed, Adriatic Sea, Tidewater, Nutmeg, Spruce Gloss, and Venetian Green color samples.

Behind the Scenes

Justina used our deep blue Hexagon and Mini Star and Cross tile to create an unforgettable master bath oasis. See the transformation.

With a little help from our Color-It! Tool, Justina took on a second bathroom remodel with her signature Jungalicious flair. Get the scoop.

Shop Justina's Picks

A color or pattern calling your name? Go ahead and shop the products featured in Justina’s projects.

Jungalicious Tips

Think in Contrasts

“When I'm designing I think about the relationship between colors almost more than I think about colors on their own.”

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Add Green

For Justina’s signature look, be sure to incorporate plenty of lush greens throughout your space.

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Plan Grout from the Start

“Be mindful of how you want the pattern to read on your floors or walls.” Contrasting grout accentuates patterns, while analogous grout unifies them.

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Make Your Own Inspiration Gallery

“Start with an image that inspires you and the feeling that you want to have in the room you're picking tile for, then pick a few colors from that image.”

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See the Big Picture

“When picking tile colors, think about the other colors that will also appear in your room,” such as appliances, hardware, and even the view outside the window.

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Consider Scale

“If you're pairing the tile with more pattern, like wallpaper, consider using larger tiles to that the room doesn't get too busy looking. The key is to find the right balance.”

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“The Color-it tool allows you to play with color and see how just one color change totally affects the look and feel of each tile.”

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Have Fun

“I tell people to allow themselves to think of their homes as a wet canvas--decorating should be fun and doesn't need to be taken so seriously all of time.”

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Expand Your Space

Small space? Consider using tile from the floor all the way up the wall to help the room feel larger. A dynamic pattern like herringbone can also give the illusion of height.

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Make It Personal

“Ultimately I picked colors based on the emotional response they give to me. When designing I look for colors that bring me back to the happiest, calmest, or most inspiring memories”

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