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Dutch Masters Palette

The world is your canvas. Transform your space into a work of art with masterful layers of richly saturated hues and vibrant pops of color.

About the Dutch Masters Palette

In the years of the Dutch Golden Age, painters used still lifes to showcase their command of texture and attention to detail. And they obsessed over color almost as much as we do. It turns out their plays on light, earthy depth, and crackled textures were the perfect match for our handcrafted tile.

Taking cues from the Dutch Masters, we’ve curated a tile selection that invites you to create masterful layers of color. Rich hues, warm neutrals, and painterly textures all make for a timeless work of art. Ready to make your mark? Go on--the world is your canvas.  


Master the Palette

Our Dutch Masters Palette Sample Pack invites you to create your own inspired composition with eight hand-picked hues. With this kind of color coordination, art lovers are sure to be awestruck.

Shop the Palette

Talk about strokes of genius - take cues from the Dutch Masters and craft your own composition with our curated selection of colors and sizes.

Create a Work of Art

Lighting is Everything

With art, lighting makes all the difference. Our tiles are no different. Observe your color samples under natural and artificial light to make sure it's right for your space.

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Figure Studies

Cut our Dutch Masters Palette a flattering figure with playful tile shapes like our 4” Hexagons in your very own custom mosaic.


Beyond the Surface

This curated collection was meant to pair perfectly with dramatic palettes, marbled surfaces, and metallic touches, creating alluring layers of texture and color.

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Refined Rustic

Our Antique glaze is reminiscent of the earthy hues the Masters used to ground their paintings. Pair it with Calcite to create a refreshing contrast.

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Painterly Touches

High color variation and crazing occurs naturally in some of our glazes like Basil and Loch Ness. Let it shine in a mosaic or painterly monochrome design.

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Get Free Design Assistance