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Squiggle Quick Ship

Strike a balance in your design with a playful pattern that blends contrasting corners with an undulating wave for unconventional creations inspired by you. Available in 3 color motifs and 2 sizes.

  • Trim does not qualify for Quick Ship and will need to be purchased separately.
  • If purchasing Quick Ship with regular made-to-order products, orders will ship separately.
  • Cannot guarantee color matching on individual orders.

Ready to ship.

2x4 sample tiles are available in all colors. Your first five color samples are on us and after your first five just $2 each.

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Handmade Variation

Variation is an inherent part of our handmade product and can be seen in sizing and color. These properties affect color variation, which is easiest to see after installation.


Variation Scale

Slightly noticeable
Very noticeable
Significant & noticeable

An order can have a maximum range of variation, but it also may be more consistent. Glaze on trim pieces may exhibit increased variation. Unfortunately you cannot select a high or low range of variation. Speak to your Design Consultant if you want to achieve a certain look.


We offer a full range of Tile trim options in every color. All of our Tile trim is handmade to order.

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Charcoal Motif

Charcoal Motif


We recommend selecting at least 10% overage.

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Charcoal Motif
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Trim is important; we recommend working with a Fireclay sales rep to find what trim best suits your project.