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In 1986, Ceramicist Paul Burns set out to change the industry forever, founding Fireclay Tile based on an idea that locally-sourced recycled materials could be turned into something beautiful. Fireclay utilizes time honored techniques and modern technology to create 100% of its own product.

Today, the leading U.S. sustainable manufacturer of handmade ceramic and glass tile is heralding another idea – to bring tile directly to the people with an ultramodern purchasing experience combining extraordinary innovation, content, and conscience. A 27 year old "start-up," Fireclay is proving that innovation can happen in every step of the process.

Fireclay’s beautiful marriage of technology + design has been featured in Dwell, The Today Show, The Washington Post, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Wall Street Journal, Interior Design, USA Today, NPR, CNN Money, Architectural Record, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and dozens of additional design and architecture publications.

Fireclay has also earned the trust of commercial partners such as Whole Foods, Starbucks and Google. All product lines contribute to achieving LEED credits. Fireclay aims to be a triple bottom line company and ensure they take the environment and its 85 employees’ well-being into every decision they make. 

About Paul, our Founder & Chief Ceramicist

Fireclay’s values will always be tied to its Founder and Chief Ceramicist, Paul Burns, who became one of the first manufacturers to use recycled materials in his products.

Paul lives for inventing as a true pioneer and "Picasso" in the ceramic tile industry, who can find beauty in almost anything from discarded computer screens to porcelain toilets.

He has earned the trust and respect of thousands of loyal customers and the 85 members of the Fireclay team while working with tile for more than 30 years in California. Paul has shared his thoughts on tile and sustainability in publications such as Ceramic Industry and on many speaker panels.

Press Inquiries

Please contact Rebecca Goldberg Brodsky of DADA Goldberg via email or phone 914-602-6719.

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