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We launch design services and online sampling to make buying tile easier than ever before.

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December 2014

Our New Home in San Francisco

We task VITAL Environments in designing our new headquarters and showroom on 901 Brannan St, SF. Our doors open to the public.

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December 2014

Fresh Face, Same Mission

Fireclay Tile reveals a brand new look that welcomes any and every style. We’re still committed to making tile the way you want it, when you want it.

December 2013

Brick Like Never Before

In partnering with McNear Brick & Block, the oldest brick manufacturer in the U.S., we launch our Glazed Thin Brick line. Made of up to 100% reclaimed earth, it features 24 glaze colors.

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December 2012

Glass Gets the Recycled Treatment

We take recycling one step further and begin manufacturing our 100% recycled glass tile after purchasing the glass tile company Sandhill.

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December 2011

Tapping Resources

Continuing in the sustainable tradition, we obtain over 26 tons of waste porcelain and begin to incorporate it into our recycled clay body.

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December 2010

Earth-Friendly Innovation

Thanks to Granite Rock, we launch our Debris Recycled Tile, handcrafted with recycled materials. Originally consisting of over 50% recycled content, its clay body has grown to over 70%.

December 2010

Green Neighbors

We partner with our Aromas factory neighbors Granite Rock and begin incorporating their granite dust into our recycled clay bodies.

December 1998

A Fresh Take on Tradition

We debut our Handpainted Cuerda Seca decorative tiles using a proprietary wax resist technique. Since then, we've expanded our Handpainted series to include Mediterranean, Moroccan, Contemporary, and more.

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December 1993

Made in California

Nestled amidst rolling hills and organic farms, a 5-acre industrial property in Aromas, CA becomes our new factory. We still do all of our manufacturing there today.

December 1992

Making Strides

Our Vitrail tile line is launched, featuring a white body tile with semi-transparent glazes.

December 1991

The Art of Experimentation

Beautiful transparent crackle glazes are introduced in our new product line, Chateau, which was our Colonia clay body treated with white engobe (a white clay slip coating applied to a ceramic body to give it decorative color or improved texture).

December 1989

Leading the Way

We became the first tile company to remove lead from all our glazes.

December 1988

Our First Collection

We develop our first product line, Colonia, which consisted of 4x4 and 6x6 tiles, trim, and decorative pieces.

December 1987

Going Rogue

Paul sets out on his own to start Fireclay Tile, renting a space in San Jose and selling other tiles while slowly developing his own line (you can still find us there today).

December 1986

Honing His Craft

By age 15, Paul was so skilled at tile making that Stonelight customers would specifically ask for his help at creating tile.

December 1973

An Early Start

Founder and Chief Ceramicist Paul Burns apprentices for his uncle's company Stonelight Tile at the ripe old age of 10.

December 1968

Our Tile is Award Winning:

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