Our Design Philosophy

We Make Tile for your Grandkids

In today’s fast paced world of consumption, we have chosen to devote our work to making products that will outlast our years. It takes a little bit more time to make things the right way, and to incorporate recycled materials in the process, but the end result is a beautiful and more durable tile. We design products that can handle real life, and retain their beauty for generations to come. We hope the Grandkids mention your kitchen backsplash everytime they tell a story about home, so much so, that we make every order with our own hands.
We Make Tile for your Grandkids

Good Design

We believe that good design is one of our most sustainable assets. We design products and create colors with the idea that tile should outlast today’s trends and will likely outlast the homeowner who installed it. Making tile isn't easy, and the consumers of today have a very discerning eye. It's our job to explore and discover new products and colors, but also know when to say no. Not every product is meant for the global market and we work hard to only bring to market products that we are confident in producing for any size project from a kitchen backsplash to a large commercial job. Good design is prevalent in everything we do from the original sketch, to the ingredients we source, to the final installation. We work hard to make products that will retain an heirloom quality and timeless integrity.

Made in the USA

We like getting our hands dirty. There is nothing quite so encouraging as picking up a fresh cut piece of tile and imagining the possibilities. We are inspired by our factory and the agricultural fields that surround it. It’s easier to create when you’re able to work in tandem with the production team. If we made our products anywhere other than our own back yard that would be impossible, which is one of the many reasons we are proud to manufacture all of our product lines in the USA.
Made in the USA

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