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HandpaintedMoroccan Collection

Kaleidoscopic stars, lacey fretwork, and sinuous lines transport Persia’s beautiful patterns to the present day. 

White Motif

Dark Motif

Cool Motif

Warm Motif

Neutral Motif

B+W Motif


Handpainted Madrid Kitchen

Anchored by an intricately designed behind-the-stove backsplash, this kitchen's blend of Handpainted and Star-and-Cross Tile serves up Spanish Colonial-inspired vibes.

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Snow Flower Shower

Style Forecast: Snow Flowers. Featuring a tranquil trio of white straight set, gray herringbone, and handpainted tile, this playful shower is patterned to perfection.

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Ali Hynek: Starry Bathroom

Entrepreneur Ali Hynek puts her best guest bath forward with custom Handpainted Tiles inspired by Morocco's vibrant geometric motifs.

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Persian Star Backsplash

A Handpainted Persian Star backsplash in Neutral Motif anchors this classic-inspired kitchen, while stacked 2x8 Tusk Tile ties it all together.

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Project Spotlight: 3 Bathroom Makeovers

Taking on three full bathrooms, entrepreneur Jessica Honegger uses our customization tools to design for her family of five. 

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Handpainted Sintra Fireplace

An eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and accents are all beautifully anchored with the living room's handpainted tile fireplace in our Sintra pattern.

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Guests to Impress

Entrepreneur Ali Hynek puts her guests first with two bathrooms that will leave you starstruck. 

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Malta Kitchen Backsplash

Complemented by a cool Frost backsplash, our Handpainted Malta Tile's blue interlocking quatrefoils are the perfect pop of pattern and color for a white kitchen.

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A-Frame to Claim: Handpainted Terrain Floor Tile

An oasis in itself, this desert A-Frame's dreamy bonus room has us head-over-heels in love with its Handpainted Terrain Tile floor. 

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Jessica Honegger: Pool House Bathroom

Entrepreneur Jessica Honegger's pool house bathroom feels worlds away thanks to our customized Handpainted Old Cairo tile in a lush blue and white color blend.

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