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The Agrarian Collection

We're going back to our roots. Featuring 8 dynamic patterns in 3 versatile color motifs, our newest handpainted collection uses our story to tell your own.

A Return to Our Roots

We looked high and low to inspire our next Handpainted Collection. But as fate would have it, our search brought us right back home. Looking to the agricultural landscape that surrounds our Aromas, California factory, the Agrarian Collection pays homage to the place that makes our story possible.

The eight new Handpainted patterns and three color motifs are inspired by the geometric crop layouts found in aerial photography. With endless layout possibilities, the Agrarian Collection gives you the freedom to share whatever story you want to tell. Mix and match to create a unique tile landscape, or choose a single pattern to create a striking feature installation.

8 Patterns, Infinite Possibilities

How do you do Agrarian? Impactful on their own or blended into a dynamic composition, these versatile patterns and color motifs offer endless ways to express yourself.

Signature of a Painter

Every one of our Agrarian patterns are skillfully painted by hand in our Aromas, California factory.

The Agrarian Collection features large pools of hand-painted glaze, creating a glaze trail made by the tip of the bottle during the painting process. Glaze trailing, or what we like to call the signature of a painter, is the true mark of handpainted tile. 

Warm Motif

An eye-catching contrast of hot and cool, our Warm Motif features pops of coral and gold tapered with sumptuous blues and neutrals.

Cool Motif

Our Cool Motif soothes the senses with deep greens, serene sage, and matte neutrals. Put different patterns together for an organic-inspired landscape.

White Motif

Grounded with dynamic shapes and earthy matte tones, our White Motif offers a fresh and timeless take on our Agrarian Collection.

Agrarian Your Way


Want to make a statement underfoot? Our Agrarian patterns like Grove make for unforgettable floor tile.

Shop Grove

Lovely Terrain

Terrain all dressed in White Motif makes a graphic yet elegant statement. Pair it with rustic textures for an organic-inspired look.

Shop Terrain

A Masterpiece in the Making

Agrarian offers infinite ways to make it your own. Mix multiple patterns from a single color motif for an unforgettable installation.

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Picture Perfect

Bold Patterns and Striking contrasts not only make Agrarian patterns like Fallow stand out,they're also picture ready.

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Home on the Grange

A fresh take on the timeless parquet pattern, Grange can be arranged in any number of ways to create a dynamic color composition.

Shop Grange

Circles, Rediscovered

Fallow can be reconfigured in a surprising myriad of ways, including quarter circles that fan out in an orderly yet artful fashion.

Shop Fallow

Give Agrarian a Try

Already have a few patterns in mind for your next project? Order samples to test them against different surfaces and textures.

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Find Your Hue

Three signature color motifs cover a wide range of moods and styles. Use one motif to combine multiple patterns for a cohesive color palette.

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A Clean Slate

Sometimes all you need is White Motif to work wonders in a space. Neutral shades and bold lines infuse it with extra depth and dimension.

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Patterns at Play

Whether you see them as colorful crop circles, whimsical radars, or playful pie charts, Arable adds a fun twist to the Agrarian Collection.

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Harvest Your Style

Ground Harvest’s playful half-moon shapes with rustic textures and earthy hues for a warm and inviting space.

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