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Exclusive Sneak PeekGlass Tile

20% off your first glass order now until 12/31/18.

Introducing Fireclay Glass Tile!

With a palette inspired by John Audubon's painting of the Great Blue Heron, we're launching a glass tile revival for experts in design. 


As an exclusive Glass Tile Insider, get 20% off your first glass order,
now until 12/31/18!

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Heirloom Quality Glass, Handcrafted by the Experts

To find the highest quality handmade glass tile, we sought out the experts. Our friends and manufacturing partners, Mike and Kim, know a lot about good design and even more about making high-quality glass tile. After all, their family has been in the business since 1977. 

Available in 24 hand selected Fireclay colors, our glass tile comes in gloss, matte, and slip resistant finishes. 


Sizes range from 1x1 to 4x12


Handmade for you in ~4-6 weeks! 

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Glass Tile Inspiration

Two Sheens, Captivating Textures

Glass Tile Shown: Falcon Matte and Gloss 2x12

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Catch Some Rays

Glass Tile Shown: Sparrow, Chickadee, Oriole, and Falcon Matte 2x4

Learn More

Outfitted in Organics

Glass Tile Shown: Egret Matte and Gloss 2x4

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Today's Standout, Tomorrow's Classic

Glass Tile Shown: Road Runner Matte 6x12

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Serious Spa Vibes

Glass Tile Shown: King Fisher Gloss 6x12

Learn More

Curated Color Stories

Glass Tile Shown: Blue Jay and Partridge Matte and Gloss 2x4

Learn More

The Joy of Layering

Glass Tile Shown: Carolina Wren Matte 2x4

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Elegant Finishes for Discerning Designs

Glass Tile Shown: Egret Matte 3x12

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Made to Mix

Glass Tile Shown: Egret, Dove, and Sparrow Matte and Gloss 3x3

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Sunny Dispositions, Colorful Compositions

Glass Tile Shown: Chickadee and Oriole Matte and Gloss 2x4

Blushing Luxe

Glass Tile Shown: Rosy Finch Matte and Gloss 4x4

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Into the Blue

Glass Tile Shown: Warbler, Great Blue Heron, Magpie, and Grackle Matte and Gloss 2x4

Learn More

Warm Up Your Palette

Glass Tile Shown: Pheasant, Carolina Wren, Rosy Finch, Lark Matte and Gloss 2x4

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Flawlessly Modern, Soulfully Made

Glass Tile Shown: Egret Matte 3x12

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Candy-Colored Blends

Glass Tile Shown: Falcon 2x12 Gloss; King Fisher, Carolina Wren, Grackle 2x4 Gloss, Starling, Rosy Finch 4x4 Gloss

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Effortlessly Understated Neutrals

Glass Tile Shown: Road Runner Gloss 2x4

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