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Introducing Give, You Get

Revolutionizing the way businesses do philanthropy

In Spring 2017, Fireclay took the Give, You Get pledge because we wanted to turn costly credit card fees into giving dollars. What started as a simple idea has evolved into a radical approach towards corporate philanthropy. The best part? Everyone gives back.

Simply by paying via eCheck, you get money back while giving to the hardworking people and families of Fireclay Tile. 0.5% of your purchase will go back to you, and 0.5% will go toward our Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund. All at no extra cost to you.

The Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund

In November 2016, Khai Lam, our Technical Director, tragically lost his life. A respected leader, devoted father, and beloved friend, Khai advocated strongly for education and pursuing your passion.

To honor his legacy, Fireclay started the Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund in March 2017 to inspire creativity and extracurricular pursuits for the children of our team members and our team members themselves. Khai was an inquisitive soul, and he would have wanted each person to have the time, space, and funds to pursue their passions. Team members and their children can each individually apply for a scholarship of up to $150 for activities such as camp, after school art classes, sports team registration, or other extracurricular pursuits.

By investing in our employees and their families, we believe we can create a new generation of leaders that will sustain and strengthen their local communities. For us, meaningful change starts at home.

About Give, You Get

Give, You Get is as simple as it sounds. It’s a pledge to offer customers a platform to give and get back. By creating a direct pay option like eCheck that allocates a portion of a sale to a rebate and another portion to a charitable cause that aligns with a company’s mission, customers get the choice to offset the cost of high credit card fees and instead make a purchase that matters.

Companies lose about $75 billion in profit to credit card companies. If we could shift that spending over to the Give, You Get model, we could increase charitable giving in the U.S. by over 5% with relatively little effort. Through the Give, You Get model, we can create a revolutionary shift in the way we give and do business. By defying conventional corporate philanthropy and reallocating merchant fees to our community, our customers, and our company, we could change the world.

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