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Fireclay Favorite Pinks

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Pink Perfection

Thinking pink for your next project? We’ve curated all of our favorites in one convenient sample pack. Featuring: Vintage Leather, Red Rock, Dawn, Adobe, Mesa, Evening Glow, Tumbleweed, and Desert Bloom

Available in 40+ Shapes

Add a splash or make a statement. Our favorite pinks are available in over 40+ shapes in sizes.

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Evening Glow

As if glowing above a desert expanse, this Tile’s pale lavender glaze subtly shifts under changing light.

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The southwest’s enchanting mesas were the perfect muse for this glossy, earth-toned tile with hints of dusty rose.

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This isn’t your basic beige tile. Featuring a matte finish, Tumbleweed adds a hint of warmth with its sun-baked champagne glaze.

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Desert Bloom

Make your space come alive with the bold Desert Bloom that radiates positive energy.

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Vintage Leather

Earthy and saturated, Vintage Leather makes a sophisticated statement with its deep cherry undertones.

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Red Rock

Taking after the sculpted sandstones of its namesake, this warm, dusty umber Tile offers all the beauty of terracotta with minimal color variation.

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Dawn’s lovely lavender undertones add artful complexity to this sandy, matte pink Tile.

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Tinged with mauve, this smokey and alluring Tile conjures adobe homes set against a dusky desert sky.

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Think Pink!

Ready to pick a pink? We’ve curated a complimentary Sample Pack featuring 8 of our favorite Ceramic Tile pinks: Vintage Leather, Red Rock, Dawn, Adobe, Mesa, Evening Glow, Tumbleweed, and Bloom

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