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Fireclay Favorites Blues

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Find the Perfect Blue for You

Discover blue tile that’s oh-so-you. Handmade in the USA, our blue tile comes in a wide range of shades a finishes so you can find the perfect blue for you. Get started with our curated Sample Pack, featuring 8 of our favorite blue glazes: Boundary Waters, Slate Blue, Nautical, Powder Blue, Crater Lake, Adriatic Sea, Blue Velvet and Navy Blue

2019 Q2 Photo All Colors Favorite Blues Boundary Waters Slate Blue Nautical Crater Lake Powder Blue Adriatic Sea Blue Velvet Navy Blue

Available in 40+ Shapes

Go classic with blue subway tile or get graphic with an eye-catching pattern. With over 40 sizes and shapes to choose from, our hand-picked palette is as versatile as it is timeless.

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Slate Blue

Infused with dusky allure, this handsome gray-blue tile is layered with a light crackle and misty color variation.

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Boundary Waters

A watercolor-like blend with color variation ranging from deep indigo to washed denim, this glossy blue hue is sure to be a classic.

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Crater Lake

Like its namesake, this cool blue tile offers refreshing sight. Its engobe glaze exhibits minimal crazing that may accentuate over time.

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Shifting from the slightest green to purple tonal variation, this smoky blue tile is full of painterly complexity.

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Adriatic Sea

Evoking visions of warm Mediterranean waters, this deep cerulean blue features dusky undertones and rippling variation.

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Blue Velvet

Indulge your color palette with this dusky indigo matte tile that's irresistibly sumptuous and endlessly sophisticated.

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Powder Blue

Classic, clean, and elegantly artisanal, our Powder Blue glaze features minimal crazing and some variation for subtle dimension.

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Navy Blue

Deep, dark, and timeless, our translucent Navy Blue glaze reveals just a hint of our Red Clay Body for added depth.

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