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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Handpainted Tile

  • Where can I use handpainted tiles?

    Wall and floor applications, pools, fountains, stair risers, fireplaces, outdoor BBQ’s, hospitality and retail projects. Please note gloss colors may be slippery for flooring applications. Several of our glaze colors are acid sensitive, so when using handpainted tiles for a pool or fountain please consult our glaze specification sheet to identify the most appropriate colors.

  • Where and how are handpainted tiles made?

    We make our handpainted tile in our Aromas, California factory using our clay bodies as the base. When an order is placed, bisqued tile (clay tile that has been fired once to create a hard, durable body) is screen-printed with the chosen handpainted patterns, using a black wax resist to prevent glazes from running. After the pattern is screened onto the clay body, the glaze colors are then applied. Upon completion of the painting, the tiles are fired, packed and shipped.

    Please note, due to the nature of hand applied glazes we cannot guarantee that glaze colors will match across our field and Handpainted tiles.

    Watch our how we make our Handpainted Tile: Watch Now

  • Can I use my own design?

    Yes, you absolutely can. There are additional development charges and set-up fees applied to custom orders.

    Our Custom Handpainted Pattern Fee starts at  $250. This includes a custom screen development plus up to 2 pieces of your handpainted tiles. If you desire a custom color as part of your handpainted pattern, custom color development fees apply for each color you choose. Please note that we cannot guarantee an exact color match, but we will do our very best to interpret your custom color. We cannot offer refunds post purchase and screen making or color development.

  • How are they priced?

    We offer a tiered pricing structure for our handpainted tiles based on the detail of the pattern. Each pattern is labeled 1 (least expensive) to 3 (most expensive) to identify its respective pricing tier.

  • What are the average lead times?

    Please call to inquire at the time of ordering about current lead times, as they are very project specific. 

  • How durable are your Handpainted Tiles for indoor and outdoor use?

    Our ceramic products are fired at a very high temperature to ensure the highest quality and durability which make our tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our tiles are frost resistant but not frost proof. Our tiles are suitable for outdoor installations in warmer climates but not colder climates.

  • How do I order a sample?

    To order a Handpainted sample, simply go to the pattern's product page. As you scroll down, you'll find a "Get a Sample" button that will add a sample to your cart in the color motif of your choice. Each sample piece is $20. A $5 flat shipping fee will be applied to your sample order. Ships in 5-10 days. 

    If you'd like a Handpainted Tile sample after using our Color-It! Tool, just send us an email with your sample request and we will make it. The cost is $40 per sample, which we will apply to the total cost of your order. A flat $5 shipping fee will be applied.

  • Can I choose custom colorways for Handpainted Tile?

    You can customize any of our Handpainted Tile designs with the colors of your choice for $40 a piece. We’ve even created an online Color It! Tool so you can experiment with different colors and see them in the context of a kitchen or bathroom.