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Fireclay Tile Design Assistance

Our design team goes by many names—design assistants,
design consultants, tile designers. Around here,
we like to call them the Dream Team.

The Dream Team

Fireclay Dream Team

We help you turn your ideas into beautiful design realities

~ The Dream Team
  • Lauren Ritchie
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    Lauren Ritchie
  • Brittany Buchser
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    Brittany Buchser
  • Denise Bahr
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    Denise Bahr
  • Sabrina Fine
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    Sabrina Fine
  • Amanda Morsello
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    Amanda Morsello
  • Yvette Perez
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    Yvette Perez
  • Emily Riechel
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    Emily Riechel

Our Dream Team Can Help With:

  • Color and layout assistance

    Our design assistants are here to help you with color selection, layouts, and more. Want to see some for yourself? We’ll provide you with as many tile samples as you need.

  • Pricing and project quotes

    Considering a few options? No problem. Our team is here to assist you with quotes and options to fit your project budget, so that no job is too big or too small.

  • Design Concepts

    Need tile design ideas? Interior design assistance? Share your favorite interior finishes with us and we’ll make your vision a reality. Our tile designers will even provide architectural renderings of your space so that you can see your idea come to life.

  • Finishing Details

    In interior design, every detail counts. That’s why we’re here to guide you through your project from start to finish. Our finishing details will make sure your space is beautifully presented to your client, down to the very last tile.

  • Dedicated Dream Team member

    We know how important it is that you get your tile just right. That’s why you’ll have the same design assistant work with you on a project. From idea to installation, your dedicated Dream Team member will be your go-to expert for all your tile design needs.

  • There are a few things we leave to the experts, like measuring for tile and giving installation advice, but we know that you’re going to love working with us, promise.

All at no cost to you. We want to make sure your Fireclay project is executed flawlessly!


  • Fireclay Tile Design Assistance Testimonial Image 1
    I contacted Lauren, who was the BEST, and she provided me with sample after sample until I found the perfect combo of 3" Hexagon tiles for the look I was trying to achieve. At times I thought I had the right colors but was questioning something different, and Lauren never hesitated to send more samples just to make sure I was 100% satisfied. I was so impressed by her patience. - Brittany Runyan
  • Fireclay Tile Design Assistance Testimonial Image 2
    Your Design Consultant, Yvette Perez was a dream to work with. She helped all the way from answering my questions about color choice and variation, to getting samples and help placing my order. - Ritu Solanki
  • Fireclay Tile Design Assistance Testimonial Image 3
    We love that your products are made to order instead of being mass-produced. It adds a personal element to the tile and makes it seem like a work of art. You sustainability practices also played a key role in our decision to go with Fireclay Tile. - Britt Smyth

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