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We’ve been working directly with the trade since 1986. Whatever the size of your project, you can expect dedicated service from one of our experienced Commercial Team members. As a trade professional, you’ll receive the most competitive pricing and lead times in the industry, as well as incomparable custom capabilities.
Want to learn more? Contact us today at 800.773.2226 or trade@fireclaytile.com.

  • Competitive & Volume Pricing
  • 360-Degree Customization
  • Tile in as Little as 10 days
  • Free Color Samples, Whenever

Case Studies

Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • HHDD & Marie Fisher Designs
  • Fireclay Tile
  •  Monterey, CA
  •  6x6 Custom color with added sand abrasive
  • A part of a long term partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium, this tile offers a model for Fireclay's longevity and performance. Paul made Monterey Bay Aquarium's first phase of tile when he was still working for his uncle at Stonelight Tile. In 1988, we developed tile for its second phase. Today, we occasionally make replacement tile.

Warby Parker

  • Partners & Spade
  • San Diego, CA
  •  Thin Brick in Custom French Linen
  • A color originally made for our Recycled Tile, we collaborated with Warby Parker to develop a matching French Linen glaze specially made for our Thin Brick.

Selden Standard

  • et. al Collaborative
  • Marvin Shaouni
  • Detroit, MI
  • Glazed Thin Brick in Lewis Range
  • The designers at et. al Collaborative and their clients at Selden Standard opted for a minimalist industrial style interior, established by our glazed thin Brick in Snow.

Jamba Juice

  • Jamba Juice
  • Florida
  • 1x6 Sheeted Mosaic in Limon, Spruce, and Chartreuse
  • This Jamba Juice's playful mosaic of 1x6 Tile in soothing green tones adds an inviting pop of color to this bright food court.

Dartmouth College Cafeteria

  • ADD Inc. & Stantec Boston
  • Hanover, NH
  • Custom Mosaic Glass Rounds
  • Inspired by Dartmouth's iconic green, this glass rounds mosaic wall offers a lasting and colorful backdrop for bustling dorm living.

Microsoft Cafe

  • Gensler Seattle
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Ogee Drop in Bryce Canyon, Daffodil, and White Wash
  • Microsoft employees streaming through their campus cafeteria can enjoy this eclectic Ogee Drop installation, arranged in rows of orange, yellow, and white.

Whole Foods

  • Whole Foods & Field Paoli
  • San Jose, CA
  • Recycled Tile in 3x6 & various colors
  • Withstanding the morning rush, this bakery section of Whole Foods has a neighborhood friendly feel with its wall of red and neutral offset tile.

Broadway High School

  • Artik Art and Architecture
  • San Jose, CA
  • Various recycled field sizes in custom colors
  • Taking cues from California's recognizable Spanish Colonial style, this San Jose high school is inspired by both past and present with its rustic blend of exterior tile.

Our Products at a Glance

>5k sq, Starting at
Tile - Recycled
Over 70% recycled clay body sourced within 500 miles of zip code 95004; available in 30+ sizes and 70+ lead-free glazes
5-7 weeks Foundations - $7.50, $12.75
Recycled - $7.50, $23.80
Tile - White Body
[in CA] Hand-mixed materials sourced within 500 miles of zip code 95004; available in 30+ shapes and 70+ lead-free glazes
5-7 weeks $8.25, $23.80 Yes
Made from 100% locally sourced material; available in 20+ lead-free glazes.
5-7 weeks $10.00, $ 26.50 Yes
Made from over 70% recycled clay body handpainted with lead-free glazes; available in 50+ patterns
5-7 weeks Pieces - $9.50, $29.75 Yes

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  • Competitive & Volume Pricing

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  • 360-Degree Customization

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  • Tile in as Little as 10 days

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  • Free Color Samples, Whenever

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Dedicated Commercial Team

  • Paul Burns
    Commercial Sales - Northern California & Nevada
    Ph: 800.773.2226 ext 1001
    Direct: 408.690.5842

  • Victoria Engels
    Commercial Sales - Midwest
    Ph: 800.773.2226 ext 1033
    Direct: 312.659.7772

  • Alejandra (Alex) Bolanos
    In-house Commercial Sales / Int’l Sales
    Ph: 800.773.2226 ext 1004
    Direct: 415.231.6891

  • Christy Gatchell
    Commercial Sales - Texas
    Ph: 800.773.2226 ext 1008
    Direct: 646.520.9523

  • Jenny Gruenewald
    Commercial Sales Support for Paul, Victoria, Alex and Christy
    Ph: 800.773.2226 ext 1041
    Direct: 415.231.6904

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