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Fireclay Tile Commercial

Since 1986, we’ve been working with the trade to offer expertly-crafted industrial and commercial tile at competitive turnaround times. With exceptional customer service and expert advice, you can be sure your next commercial tile project will be delivered in the highest quality in a timely manner.

Fireclay Tile Commercial Benefits

These are great things you can expect from us

  • Made to Order

    We keep no stock, which means we are never out of stock. Highly efficient manufacturing techniques allow us to turn around orders in as little as one week.

  • Volume Pricing

    Many variables factor into pricing of large projects, so we customize pricing for each commercial tile project, ensuring you get the best price possible.

  • Easy Samples

    We understand the importance of samples to our trade customers. By working with us directly, we will make sure that you have any samples you need for your project right when you need them.

  • Custom Tile

    Working with us means you’re talking to the creator. From color to pattern to sizing, we can customize every detail for commercial tile projects large and small. No matter your vision, we’re committed to making your big idea come to life.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our expert trade team has more years of tile experience than they will let us put on the internet. Let’s just say this isn’t their first rodeo. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, restaurant, or hospitality, we’re here to help you with all of your tiling needs.

Don't just take our word

Case Studies

Whether a 100,000 sf project or a custom tile design, we deliver for all types of commercial projects.

  • The Melt

    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Product: Glazed Thin Brick - Snow
    Design Credit: N/A
    Photo Credit: Malcom Fearon
    Background: Sporting an impactful logo, The Melt’s glazed brick wall was the perfect way to highlight its brand. Bright graphics were applied to a Snow-finished surface, making a bold statement and putting its stamp across its many Bay Area locations.

  • GSA Cafeteria

    Location: Los Angles, CA
    Product: Glass 2x2 Blend- Plankton, Jasmine, Prickly Pear, Celery, Morning Glory
    Design Credit: Interactive Resources
    Photo Credit: N/A
    Background: We developed a custom blend of glass mosaics for our commercial tile project at the GSA Cafeteria in Los Angeles, CA. Crafted of 100% recycled glass, our tile scored the cafeteria extra LEED credits, boosting it to Gold Status.

  • La Brea Bakery

    Location: Anaheim, CA
    Product: Thin Brick - Fog City, and Unglazed Thin Brick
    Design Credit: N/A
    Photo Credit: Manolo Langis Photography
    Background: One of our fastest commercial tile projects, we produced over 1300 square feet of tile in under 4 weeks. An iconic artisanal bakery, La Brea required a surface that could be painted over with graphics. We worked closely with them to coordinate a number of brick finish options and trim details to bring their vision to life.

  • 150 Charles St.

    Location: New York, NY
    Product: White Body Tile 2 x 6 - Sugar
    Design Credit: N/A
    Photo Credit: N/A
    Background: To accommodate 150 Charles St.’s 30,000 square feet of high-end residential bathrooms, we used our most efficient kiln to complete production in the midst of our busiest production season. Well into construction, this large-scale project is on its way to achieving LEED Gold Status.

  • Stanford Knight School of Business

    Location: Palo Alto, CA
    Product: Recycled Body Tile 4 x 4 - Customs Colors
    Design Credit: N/A
    Photo Credit: N/A
    Background: Stanford has sought Fireclay Tile’s expertise over the last 5 years, including work for large-scale and high-volume exterior cladding product. For the Knight Business School, we collaborated with Stanford’s design team to develop custom colors to highlight their new dining hall. Opting for our 70% recycled clay tile, the project upgraded their LEED certification to the highly coveted Platinum Status.

  • Whole Foods

    Location: All over
    Product: Recycled Body Tile 6 x 12 - Tusk
    Design Credit: N/A
    Photo Credit: N/A
    Background: One of our most trusted commercial partners, Fireclay Tile and Whole Foods have established a strong friendship over the past 15 years to realize our vision for a more sustainable future. Producing a variety of custom colors for countless projects, Fireclay Tile has been able to turn around orders that have ranged from 500 to 10,000 square feet in as little as 4 weeks.

LEED'ing by Example

LEED the way! All of Fireclay Tile’s products qualify for and may contribute to the various LEED Credits either due to our factory location in Northern California or our recycled content.

  • Tile

    Certain colors feature over 70% recycled content including post- and pre-consumer waste. Manufactured in Aromas, CA (95004)

  • Glass

    Made from 100% recycled pre-consumer waste glass. Manufactured in Aromas, CA (95004)

  • Brick

    Made from up of 100% reclaimed earth. Manufactured in Aromas, CA (95004)

  • Handpainted

    Over 70% recycled content including post- and pre-consumer waste. Manufactured in Aromas, CA (95004)


Expert Team

  • Paul Burns

    Paul Burns

    Since founding Fireclay, Paul has been a pioneer in the ceramic tile industry coming up with numerous inventions, being one of the first to use recycled materials in his products, and earning the trust and respect of thousands of loyal customers.

  • Bill Palmer

    Bill Palmer

    Bill has a degree in ceramics from UCSB and has worked in the ceramic industry since 1970 working extensively in the United States, Germany, and Asia for a variety of specialty dinnerware, giftware, tile, and brick manufacturers. 

  • Alex Bolanos

    Alex Bolanos

    Alex has been a key member of the Fireclay sales team for over 15 years. Her deep industry knowledge, and years of experience in custom projects make her a go-to person for commercial clients big and small.

  • Caitlyn Child

    Caitlyn Child

    Caitlyn comes to us from Portland, OR. She previously worked as a Designer in our San Francisco Showroom. She is a architecture and design sponge and a maker of jewelry, furniture, and textile arts.  There is nothing she enjoys more than talking shop with other creative folks about what inspires them.

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