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Pattern lovers, prepare to swoon. Daredevil interior designer Kelly LaPlante uses fashion to give our handcrafted tile a couture edge.


Three Patterns, Endless Possibilities

The design is in the details. Inspired by elements found in clothing like houndstooth and chainlink, delightfully rule-bending interior designer Kelly LaPlante transformed these patterns into our premier Runway Collection. They're the perfect complement to our bright and bold glazes, creating unforgettable textures with lots of impact.

Three versatile patterns translate into all sorts of design possibilities. Let Chaine Femme shine through with a refreshing monochrome palette, or give Chaine Homme retro charm with a multicolored blend. For edgier appeal, Cravate brings dynamism to any space. Whatever you decide, your design is sure to make a statement.

Graphic Statements

Whether you're going for elevated or eclectic, our Runway patterns are sure to make an unforgettable statement. Use them underfoot for a chic foundation or on the walls for a standout centerpiece.

Sample the Runway Collection

Want to bring a piece of the Runway home? Pick your favorite size and four colors to receive your very own Runway Collection Sample Kit. Every kit is carefully packed by hand at our factory in Aromas, California. Please note Chaine Femme is not available in engobe colors.

1 Select your shape


2 Select your colors

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$20 / kit

The Runway Collection sample pack includes your selected Runway shape in White Wash and your selected 2x4 color samples.

Explore the Runway Collection

Color Shown: White Wash


Layers Are In

In true Runway fashion, these trendsetting patterns are perfect for layering on texture and color.

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Start with a Blank Slate

Whatever pattern you choose, you can never go wrong with white tile. Indulge in golden fixtures for a splash of luxe.

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Enjoy Heirloom Appeal

While the patterns are fashion-forward, our handcrafted tile has an unmistakable heirloom quality thanks to our experienced artisans.

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Designer Picks

Designer and witty voice behind Hommemaker, Orlando Soria hand-picked Chaine Homme for his very own kitchen renovation.

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Add Urbane Elements

Like the name suggests, Chaine Homme can lend a masculine design element when paired with sophisticated neutrals.

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Tropical Couture

Chaine Femme's chainmail-inspired design may feel couture, but tropical hues like Sea Foam can give it a resort-worthy touch.

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Make It Timeless

If you want to a softer take on the Runway, consider a warm neutral to make a space feel both classic and current.

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At Homme in Style

Interior designer Becca Stephens and architect Jen Hill chose Chaine Homme in Slate Blue to enliven this cozily eclectic kitchen.

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The Dramatic Arts

Going for drama? Try a deep jewel tone like Venetian Green to upgrade Chaine Femme from elegant to endlessly alluring.

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Go Graphic with Cravate

Houndstooth goes graphic with Kelly LaPlante's bold interpretation of the classic design. Monochrome palettes help to highlight its dramatic contours.

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