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Worth 1,000 Words - Fireclay Photo Shoot - Summer 2012

Worth 1,000 Words - Fireclay Photo Shoot - Summer 2012

Kitchen by EAG Studios with Fireclay Debris, White Gloss in Paseo on back wall

This summer we decided to have photos taken of beautiful, local installations of Fireclay Tile.  We hired a local photographer, Malcolm Fearon, who has a background in sports, portraiture, product and architectural photography.  Basically, he has done it all.  After working with him and seeing his finished product, it is clear he is a professional with stringent standards and an eye for detail.  

Malcolm in front of Let’s Be Frank in San Francisco with camera and light reflector (on left)

Malcolm Fearon's photo of Let’s Be Frank in San Francisco

The following photos show how much work and preparation go into a “simple” photograph of an outdoor fireplace.  Note the large reflectors blocking the view from across the garden.

Malcolm and Shanti set up for the fireplace shot

Malcolm Fearon's fireplace photograph with Fireclay’s Debris and Cuerda Seca

Malcolm and Shanti setting up for a kitchen shot

Malcolm Fearon's finished shot of the kitchen designed by Kelly Dougherty featuring custom Cuerda Seca Decoratives

To get a photo like this:

Madeleine Randal designed this bathroom using Fireclay's Vitrail Series  in Odyssey for field tile and hexagons in Celadon (on floor).

Malcolm had to do something like this:

Malcolm Fearon doing a close up of another bathroom using Fireclay's hexagons in Vitrail Series in Shell

Malcolm can be reached via his website www.blissimages.com, email [email protected] or at 415.488.4695.

In the process of taking photographs, we were able to get to know a builder, a couple of designers and tile installer who have been faithful Fireclay customers.

Zicovich Builders has been working with Fireclay for many years and referred interior designer Kelly Dougherty to Fireclay Tile.  Kelly collaborated with the Peninsula homeowners to create a well-functioning space to reflect their personality and lifestyle.   Kelly originally started in fashion, but went on to get more education in interior design and has loved it ever since.  She can be reached at [email protected] or 408.838.7928.  

Zicovich Builders can be reached via their website, www.zicovich.com, email [email protected] or 408.399.0606.

Home on the Peninsula built by Zicovich Builders.   Photo by Benardo Grijalva.

Kelly Dougherty of KD Home Interiors, [email protected] or 408.838.7928

Another interior designer and faithful Fireclay customer is Madeleine Randal.  She was a vital component to the remodel of a 1929 Colonial Revival home in the South Bay (see photos below).  Given Madeleine’s father was the head of the San Jose State Interior Design program, she too became an interior designer (with a break to become a lawyer at a local top Valley law firm) and now has over 20 years of experience.   She has designed all aspects of contemporary to historic homes. To Madeleine, every detail matters.  She can be reached at [email protected] or 408.288.8381.

Interior designer Madeleine Randal.  She can be reached at [email protected] or 408.288.8381

Madeleine Randal used Fireclay's Vitrail Series in Crater Lake in a pattern to match original patterns in the 1929 Colonial Revival home.  Crater Lake was used for decoratives and Sesame was used for field tile.

Not all of Fireclay’s installations were interiors.  In a shopping mall in Willow Glen, Precision Tile and Granite installed our Debris Series Recycled Tile in a variety of colors the exterior walls.  Contact Marcel Sousa at Precision Tile and Granite at [email protected]  Their website will be up after October 3, 2012  www.tgwork.com.

Shopping center in San Jose with Fireclay's Debris Series Recycled Tile