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Whole Foods Market Shops Fireclay Boneyard Sale for Budget and Eco Friendly Recycled Glass Tile

Posted by: Kali • Mar 9

Whole Foods Market Shops Fireclay Boneyard Sale for Budget and Eco Friendly Recycled Glass Tile

We kicked off our Bi-Annual 50% off Boneyard Sale on Friday February 24th. We had some very special guests and eager shoppers visit us from Whole Foods Market.

We received a very sweet account of their experience working with Team Fireclay, and how they plan on using the tile that they purchased from the Boneyard Sale in a new Whole Foods Market in Davis, California. This is a great example of being budget conscious without sacrificing quality and overall aesthetic of a project.

"My design team and I had so much fun at the Boneyard 50% off sale. We wanted to be the first people at the sale, and in fact, got there before it started. Everyone was incredibly helpful in answering our questions. We were working hard to reduce some of our costs without reducing our aesthetic taste. For our upcoming store in Davis, we have to be creative on our materials due to budget costs.

We had some idea of what was in the Boneyard prior, but most of our design work was at 9am, in the actual Boneyard, figuring out linear footages needed. We were of course attracted to glass tile, which we bought almost all of, and figured out that all the sizes were components of each tother. For some large square foot areas, we found small quantities of amazing colors, which we figured out ways to stretch by creating wainscots and mixing.

The real work will happen now in figuring out what we need in addition to what we bought, which we think will only be about 20 square feet."


Gabrielle Rosi
Senior Design Coordinator
Whole Foods Market - Northern California


We'll be wrapping up our 50% off Boneyard Sale on Saturday, March 10, 2012. There is still plenty of great looking 1st quality tile to choose from. We have everything from our Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile, Debris Series, Vitrail, Hand Painted Cuerda Seca and Hand Made Mexican Saltillos in stock.

5% of all Boneyard Sales are up for grabs between four Charities, CORA, Kiva, Habitat for Humanity, and the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Shoppers are encouraged to vote for their favorite charity in the Fireclay Tile Showroom through 3pm on Saturday. The very deserving charity winner will be announced on Monday, March 12, 2012.

Can't make it into the Showroom for the sale, but want Fireclay Tile in your home, office or school? Use our handy dandy Fireclay Tile Dealer Locator, and find the closes showroom carrying Fireclay Tile near you.

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