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Whats Your Tile Style

By Shannon Malone

Whats Your Tile Style

Tile can say a lot about a person. The size, shape, color, and pattern you choose will play a large role in defining the style of your space, so its important to choose tile that speaks to your personality. Below are 6 of our favorite tile styles to help you decide which is right for you–So go ahead, find out your tile style!

1.) Timeless Traditional

Classic, refined and welcoming, traditional style is a timeless design choice. Although traditional spaces cover a wide spectrum of eras and styles, there are key characteristics that work together to create an inviting atmosphere that’s timelessly familiar–Tile being the main ingredient. For a truly traditional tile style, opt for patterns that will withstand trends. Herringbone, off set and parquet patterns will all work in a traditional setting without ever feeling outdated, and despite the classic roots of a traditional style, today's tile colors give you an opportunity to give your timeless space your own unique point of view.


Tile shown: 2 x 6 in Foggy Morning

2.) Mid Century Modern

If names like Knoll and Saarinen get your heart racing, or if your drink of choice is a martini, you’ll doubtless love Mid Century Modern tile style. There are a variety of ways to put your stamp on Mid Century Modern kitchen with tile. Despite Mid Century Modern’s sleek lines and minimalist details, its beauty lies in its versatility. By mixing in a hint of pattern and a splash of color, a beautiful tile installation can incorporate just the right amount of retro flair while still staying true to the iconic design’s core principles. Try incorporating a playful Moroccan pattern into a Mid Century design, or choose a modern straight set pattern in a vibrant yellow or green hue.


Tile shown: Ogee Drop in White Wash; Image: Shooting LA; Design: AIH Development

3.) Playful Eclectic

Defined (or undefined, rather) by an overlap of designs and eras, eclectic style gives you the chance to pick and choose to express your own personal taste. Surprising yet sophisticated, funky and fresh, rustic but refined, timelessly trendy, it’s about capturing a unique personality that can’t be put in a box. An eclectic tile style is the perfect way to try something truly different. An array of color options, patterns, sizes, and even customizable designs give you the freedom to experiment with new styles you might be hesitant to try in other parts of your home.

4.) Sleek Contemporary

Dominated by seamless lines, modular silhouettes, and minimalist decor, contemporary design is striking in its simplicity. To give your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, or any other space in your home an ultra-modern look and feel, opt for a straight-set tile arrangement. Stacked straight on top of the other, its grid-like pattern brings orderliness and calm into your space. Or If you’re looking for a statement tile that breaks the mold of sleek modern style, the possibilities are endless. Choose among an array of fun and playful tile silhouettes to give your contemporary design a splash of whimsy and imagination. Or go color forward with eye-catching glass mosaics in your favorite hues.

5.) Modern Moroccan

If you have a flair for the exotic, and your space is filled with magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, or layer upon layer of texture, a Moroccan tile style might be for you. Moroccan interiors emphasize gorgeous color combinations and intricate motifs, blending the two seamlessly. For a truly Moroccan look go bold with our Ogee Drop shape in a blend of saturated blues. Or for a more subtle Moroccan style choose an intricate pattern like Ogee in a subtle yet modern color palette.


Tile shown: Ogee in Oyster Shell

6.) Craftsman Chic

If you're looking to stay true to the Craftsman ideals of authenticity, handcraftsmanship, and reverence for nature, handcrafted tile is right for you. Craftsman designs are probably one of the most recognizable and sought-after styles. Defined by rich wood finishes, paneling, antiqued metal hardware, extensive built-in storage and cabinetry, and beautiful tile designs, Craftsman style spaces offer a seamless bridge between classic and contemporary. Craftsman style tile is all about keeping it simple with a classic subway tile or herringbone layout, and stay true to nature with a soothing neutral color palette.


Tile shown: 3 x 6 in White Wash

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