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We're Here to Help: Free Design Assistance

By Ted Ryan

We're Here to Help: Free Design Assistance

One of the most difficult parts of purchasing tile is deciding on a design. With over 100 colors and 40+ shapes available, plus trim and custom options, the possibilities to design a one-of-a-kind installation are endless. And endless possibilities can be hard to narrow down.

That’s where we come in!

Our Design Consultants are here to offer you personalized design assistance to turn individual tiles into the backsplash, bathroom, floor, fireplace, pool, or patio of your dreams. We make the design process fun, stress-free and straightforward. Best of all, it's free!

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How it Works

Personalized Service

When you fill out our simple Design Assistance form letting us know a little about the project you have in mind, you’ll be connected with a dedicated consultant to guide you through the entire design process. Your consultant will listen to your ideas and preferences and begin to work with you to identify the materials, colors, sizes, patterns, and finishes that will work best for your project.

Free Sampling

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As your ideas start to take shape, we’ll send you up to 5 free color samples at a time for you to handle in person. Place them where you’re planning to install them and observe them in a variety of conditions to see how the color and sheen change throughout the day and under natural and artificial light.


Once you’ve found your favorite tiles, it’s time to draw up a design. With our custom drawing program, you won’t have to imagine what your installation will look like before you purchase. Optional photorealistic renderings will give you a preview of your finished project and confidence you’ll love it long after it’s installed.

From Rendering...


To Reality:

Connect with your design consultant about our rendering options and pricing.

Estimating Overage

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With your design finalized and when measurements have been made by your contractor or installer, your consultant will help you determine how much additional tile you’ll need to complete your project. The last thing you want is to run out of tile when you’re nearly finished and it's very possible this will occur without overage, especially if you have an intricate floor plan or if your project involves a number of angles and cuts.

Because your tile is made to order and characteristics can vary from one firing to the next, we generally recommend 15-20% overage to ensure you’ll have enough tile for your project as well as “attic stock” in case any tiles become damaged over the years. We'll help you land on the perfect number and price it out so there are no surprises.


When it’s time to order, we’re here to check your work and make sure everything looks perfect. Did you order enough? Did you add trim? Do our lead times work with your schedule? Leave no question unanswered before it’s time to place your order. We’ll even point you in the right direction for the perfect grout or Schluter trim.

Post Purchase

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After your tiles are delivered, we’re still here to help. Not only can our Support Team resolve any issues you may encounter but your consultant can also help you navigate questions from your installer so your tiles look as amazing installed as they did when they were delivered.

And with one project wrapped, we’re here to start the process all over again as you move on to another room or renovation. Just promise you’ll send us pictures and stay in touch!

Ready to get to work with the experts who know handmade tile best? Head over to our Design Assistance Page to fill out our simple form to be connected with your friendly personalized consultant for free!