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We Put The Fun In Funny

Posted by: Kali • Oct 31

We Put The Fun In Funny

The team here at Fireclay Tile wanted to share some of our finer moments in front of the camera. 

Here we capture the team in the heat of a poker battle. Who wins we might ask? One may never know. But we do make great tile.

Charades is a word guessing game and a favorite pastime for children and adults alike. However, in order to play this game and be successful, the team will soon find that tile isn't everything. 

In this rare occasion, we were able to capture the softer side of tile. Here we find the team taking a break from the kiln, clay and computers for an impromptu poetry reading.


At Fireclay Tile, we are here to help! We even try our hand at babysitting every now and again. Although we haven't had the chance in a while...


At Fireclay, Tile is everything - I mean we eat, sleep and breathe tile. But sometimes, those tile fumes can really get to our heads.


And for our finale, we bring our story. Thanks for tuning into Fireclay Tile today!


For more fun and informational content about the Fireclay Tile team and our products, visit our video page on the Fireclay Tile website.

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