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We are now all owners of Fireclay Tile!

Posted by: Kali • Jun 20

We are now all owners of Fireclay Tile!

We are thrilled to announce our new Fireclay Tile Employee Ownership Plan.  We have carved out part of our company's ownership for our team members, and now everyone has a chance to be a partial owner of our company.

We did this for a few reasons:

- We have large aspirations as a company and as a brand, and as we grow we want everyone to share in both the work and any potential upside. Aligning everyone we felt was very impotant to achieve our goals.

- We want all of us to treat each other as if we each are each owners, and to treat our customers as if it is their company that they are buying from. Thus, it was essential that everyone actually owned part of the company.

- Fireclay has been around since 1986, and during that time there never was an opportunity for all team members to become owners. Creating the legal means for this to happen made tremendous sense.

- Lastly we have an amazing group of team members, and many have been with us for 10+ years. Making all of our colleagues a part owner was very much deserved.

We look forward to bringing on more team members to our team and to our family. If you are interested in joining this growing company please check out our current open positions here.

Today is a great day!

Eric and Paul  

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