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Top 5 Tile Shapes of 2015

By Kali

Top 5 Tile Shapes of 2015

We've shared our top 5 tile colors of 2015, but now we're talking shapes. Of course, the usual suspects such as your classic 3x6 subway tiles were towards the top, but we also saw a lot more people gravitating towards slimmer field tile, larger format and our specialty shapes.

Below, we're listing the top 5 shapes of 2015. Want to see more? Head to our Pinterest board dedicated to this years' hits.

1. 2x6
Slightly slimmer than the ever popular 3x6 Subway tile, a 2x6 looks sleek stacked, offset or in the more intricate herringbone pattern.


Tile Shown: Foggy Morning in 2x6


Tile Shown: 2x6 tiles in Foggy Morning set in a herringbone pattern.

Our founder chose 2x6 tiles in Sea Foam (one of our top 5 tile colors) for his bathroom:


Tile Shown: 2x6 tiles in Sea Foam, Flooring, Star and Cross in Daisy

2. Ogee Drop
This Moroccan silouette of our Ogee Drop works beautifully on both wall and floor surfaces. This shape can create a few intricate patterns: two different straight set options (you can set it with the scallop side down for a fish-scale look or right side up for more of a fan appearance) or go for the Moroccan pattern.


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops straight set in White Wash


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in White Wash set in a Moroccan pattern.

Emily Henderson chose to use our Ogee Drops in Crater Lake (another popular color this year) in her masterbath remodel:


3. Paseo:
Striking in both neutrals and saturated colors, the soft curves of our Paseo is a contemporary take on the classic Ogee.

Paseo tiles in Azurine, Lagoon and Boundary Waters

Tile Shown: Paseo blend in Azurine, Lagoon and Boundary Waters.

Soma Eats, a San Francisco restaurant, chose Paseo tiles in Azurine (which was one of our popular colors this year).


Image: Patricia Chang Photography    

You can also set Paseo tiles like this:


Tile Shown: Paseo tiles in White Gloss. Image: Michael Fearon

4. 3" Hexagon
Our 3" Hexagons were most definitely in the winner's circle this year. Just as compelling in a single color as they are in blend, this shape creates interest and the smaller size makes it ideal for flooring (more grout lines = more grip). However, don't rule this shape out for a kitchen backsplash, accent wall or fireplace surround, it can work there too!


Tile Shown: 3" Hexagons in a blend of Daisy, Basalt, Shale, Sea Glass and Sorbet.

The 3" Hex floor below illustrates how perfectly suited this shape is for flooring.


Tile Shown: 3" Hexagons in Lapis


5. 3x12
We're seeing a lot more people go for larger format tile, 3x12 was the most popular this year (3x9 and 6x12 were also favorites). This can be a fun size to play with because it feels a bit unexpected. Try it in a classic offset, 1/3 offset or a parquet for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls or on an extended fireplace surround.


Orlando Soria went with 3x12s in White Wash set in parquet pattern for his master bathroom:


Image: Orlando Soria

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