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Design Trends

Top 10 Design Trends for Spring 2022

By Ted Ryan

Top 10 Design Trends for Spring 2022

Spring is the season of change and that means there is no better time to get started on a new design project. Many of us have reimagined the look, feel, and uses of our homes and this new perspective has opened up a new world of design possibilities that designers and homeowners are eager to make the most of.

Home remodeling is on fire and a Harvard study on remodeling activity predicts spending on home improvement and repair to continue to rise through this year. So what should you do?

Trends can be tricky, especially with design elements that are made to last for a lifetime. So unlike the pop colors and statement pieces that might wake up your wardrobe for a season, these picks are both trendsetting and timeless, meant to speak to the moment while setting you up for years of enjoyment.

If you're ready for a change, check out our top 10 design trends for spring 2022.

1. Checkerboard Charm

Checkerboard hits all the right notes. It’s playful but structured and the combined sense of joy and order is a recipe for design success. It might be having a moment but checkerboard is truly timeless and one of the most versatile patterns out there, equally at home in conservative Traditional spaces and out-there eclectic homes.

Tile Shown: 3x3 in Tusk and Dolomite // Design: Autumn Hachey Design // Image: TWENTY-TWO TWELVE

Vanessa Carlton: Checkered Mosaic Floor Tiles

Tile Shown: 1x1 in Halite and Akoya, 6x6 in Akoya // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Image: Joseph Bradshaw

Look to the large format marble checkerboard floors in Europe, richly colored tile installations in Morocco, English kitchens, and worn cafe floors and it's easy to see that this nostalgic pattern isn't just a flash in the pan.

Fun and Fresh Checkerboard BathroomFun and Fresh Checkerboard Bathroom

Tile Shown: 4x4 in Halite Sea Glass // Design: Regan Baker Design // Image: Suzanna Scot

Floors are the classic setting for checkerboard but you'll be rewarded for pushing the boundaries. Applications like showers, backsplashes, or fireplaces make the ubiquitous pattern appear brand new, and alternative tweaks like our Handpainted Squiggle Tile advances the pattern into a new era.

Art Deco Handpainted Tile Floor

2. Nature’s Inspiration

Nature is no doubt the longest-running design inspiration in history and it’s safe to say it's en vogue as ever.

Salton Sea Pool House Shower

Tile Shown: 3x9 and 3x3 in Salton Sea // Design: Amy Alper // Image: Adam Potts

Our connection with the outdoors has percolated into our homes as we seek to recreate the organic relief that nature offers us.

Tile Shown: 6” Triangle Milky Way and Sand Dune // Design: The Joshua Tree House // Image: Sara Combs and Rich Combs

Tile Shown: 2x6 Evergreen // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

Greens, blues, and yellows are perennial favorites for spring but look for the humble brown to make a big impact in upcoming designs. Rich leathers, burnt umber accents and unglazed pottery all add a splash of warm earthy nature to your home.

And as always, plants are the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in.

Fare Isle’s Botanical Nantucket Bathroom

Tile Shown: Handpainted Ginkgo in Green Motif with 2x6 and 3" Triangles in Magnolia

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Aegean Sea // Design: Terracotta Design Build // Image: Jeff Herr

3. New Traditional Style

As we rediscover things from the past, we reinterpret them with sensibilities that fit with the moment we find ourselves. A mixture of tradition and contemporary design, New Traditional is less heavy and more fun than the ornate, matchy-matchy decor while still being timeless and elegant.

Milky Way Backspalsh

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Milky Way // Design + Image: Erin Kestenbaum

Layering in texture and colors is a hallmark of this New Traditional–think fine fabrics such as velvet or silk, jute rugs, and long curtains–as well as furniture that loosely coordinates but isn’t a matching set. Rich, saturated colors that pop against neutral backgrounds are common, along with dark & moody accents. Florals are scene-stealers in New Traditional, especially in wallpaper, but also in furniture or curtains.

Erin Kestenbaum's Rosemary Guest Bathroom

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Rosemary // Design + Image: Erin Kestenbaum

4. Staycation

Vacation is a state of mind more than a destination. And many of us have come to realize the benefits of a break from our everyday lives are just as easily achieved right at home–and in smaller chunks than a week or two away.

Harding House Tempest Bathroom

Tile Shown: Star and Cross Mini in Tempest, Star and Cross in Basalt, 2x8 in Tempest // Image: Claire Thomas

Tile Shown: Picket in Seedling // Installer: Arcsine // Image: Paul Dyer

Enter the spa bathroom, where with the right design an hour or less, you can be as relaxed and rejuvenated as a 5-star experience affords with the added benefit of more privacy and less travel time.

Wet room bathrooms, spacious showers benches, and soaking tubs styled amongst soothing greens and neutrals recreate the spa experience in a sanctuary all of your own. Less is often more in these spaces and spa bathrooms often draw on Modern, Scandinavian, and Minimalist designs to achieve their sense of calm.

Rosemary Bathroom

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Rosemary // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel, Emily Farnham Architecture // Image: Tessa Neustadt

Sample Spring

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5. Sustainable Design

Sustainability is the defining challenge of our time. Luckily, as each year passes and sustainability becomes even more imperative, consumers are demanding more sustainable products and business practices with conscious companies responding in kind.

Fireclay exemplifies sustainable manufacturing and firms like Elemental Green are leading the way to link designers and homeowners with sustainable building materials.

Choose materials that are made with sustainable manufacturing practices, consider energy efficiency in your overall design, and decorate with antique, vintage, or upcycled pieces when it works with your vision.

Agrarian Kitchen by Elemental Green

Tile Shown: Maze in Warm Motif // Design: Elemental Green // Image: Jill Tiongco Photography

6. Barkitecture

There was the man cave, the she shed, the playhouse, and the in-law apartment. Every year, someone in the family gets renewed attention and a special part of the home to call their own. This spring, it’s the loyal and loveable dog that gets the star treatment.

Noz Design: Dog Shower Tile

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Nautical and 1x4 in Tusk // Design: Noz Design // Image: O'Reilly Tile Design Inc.

A custom dog house is a great project if you’re already doing home renovations as leftover siding, roofing material, and even handmade tile can quickly take the classic doghouse to the next level with a cohesive look.

Daisy and Gypsum Star and Cross Kitchen

Tile Shown: Mini Star and Cross in Gypsum and Daisy // Design: Cabana Rehab Interiors // Image: Sen Creative

Indoors, a dog shower could change your life and the life of your furniture, especially for active pets. A designer dining area might just be what your best friend deserves!

7. Reimagining the Office

With many companies reinstating in-person work or hybrid models, the return to the office is anything but business as usual. Both bosses and workers have learned lessons from up to 2 years of work-from-home and are bringing them to the commercial setting.

Handpainted Corporate Amenity Space from Gensler

Handpainted Shown: Maze in Warm Motif // Design: Gensler Baltimore // Image: Halkin Mason Photography

To lure existing staff and new talent to the office, companies are bringing elements of home–and the outdoor time it offers–to the workplace including gardens, treehouse lounges and even honeybees.

Bees might be out of the question in your office, but look to create areas that are both relaxing and engaging.

Dollar Shave Club Office Kitchen Tiles

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Neptune // Design + Image: Rapt Studio

Creating a homey environment with designs drawn from residential spaces helps workers have a positive state of mind to be more productive and happy at work.

The Commune: Office Kitchen

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Eucalyptus // Design: Claire Zinnecker, Hunt Architecture // Image: Leonid Furmansky, Whitney Arostegui

Office Atrium: Custom Ceramic Tile Walls

Tile Shown: 3x12 in Tiki Blue and Neptune // Design: Studios Architecture // Image: Magda Biernat

8. Outdoor Upgrades

After a long winter in any given year, spring is going to have us buzzing for any excuse to be outside. Now’s the time to break ground on that pool, upgrade your patio with a relaxing water feature or install a hardscape for parties and barbeques all the neighbors will be talking about.

Amber Interiors: Pool Tile in Magnetite

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Magnetite // Design: Amber Interiors // Interiors: Jess Isaac Photography

Volunteer Park BBQ Backsplash

Brick Shown: Bitterroot // Design: Best Practice Architecture // Image: Ed Sozinho

More than ever, the principles of interior design are being applied outdoors. Sofas with weather-resistant fabric you'd easily mistake for indoor furniture creates comfort and style to rival the living room. Upscale outdoor lighting fixtures create ambiance night and day. And details like waterline pool tile or an outdoor backsplash add the same impact as their bathroom and kitchen counterparts.

Chaine Homme Outdoor Wall Fountain with 2x4 Azul Basin

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Adriatic Sea and 2x4 in Azul // Design: Wes Architecture // Image: Sen Creative

Desert House Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles

Tile Shown: 4x8 in Sunflower and Sorbet // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

9. First impressions

You may have recently remodeled your kitchen or bathroom or redecorated your bedroom or living room, but what about the spaces that guests see first? First impressions are everything they say and the look of your foyer, entryway or mudroom sets the tone for your entire home from the moment someone arrives.

Tile Shown: 3x9 in Pyrite // Design: The Fresh Exchange // Image: Megan Gilger

These areas get a lot of traffic so they should not just be easy on the eyes but also durable underfoot. Choose finishes that will hold up over time and for a look that lasts for years to come.

Custom Handpainted Persian Star Mudroom Floor
Custom Handpainted Persian Star Mudroom Floor

Handpainted Shown: Persian Star in Custom Motif // Design: Fiddlehead Design Group // Image: Scott Amundson

Evergreen Hexagon Entryway

Tile Shown: 2" Hexagon in Evergreen // Design: Mowery Marsh Architects // Image: Blackstock Photography

10. Playful Patterns

At the end of the day, no matter what trends appeal to you, let’s all agree to have a little more fun than we did the year before and express ourselves with more confidence than ever before. That goes for your design choices too.

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in White Wash // Design: Mandy Riggar Interiors // Image: Christopher Dibble

Even if you never stray from neutrals and haven’t done something daring since that chalkboard paint in 2010, take this moment to try something new and exciting.

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Basalt // Design: Maureen Stevens // Image: Kayla Stark

Have fun with pattern! Floral patterns, bold wallpapers with classic tile offsets, plaid patterns, herringbones, stripes, checkerboard (see #1), whatever you’ve always wondered about but never got the chance to try. Carpe design and don’t look back. Your inner child and future self will thank you.

Tile Shown: 3x3 in Milky Way, Tuolumne Meadows, Sorbet, and Mandarin // Design: Aker Interiors // Image: Jess Isaac Photography

Tile shown: 3x12 in Desert Bloom, Sorbet, Koi, Lemon Cream, Neptune, Turquoise, Amalfi Coast, Glacier Bay, and White Wash // Design: Brittany Buchser // Install: C. Cook Custom Interiors // Photos: Cameron Behbahany

Ready to put one of these trends into play? Get in touch with our Design Consultants for free personalized design assistance including sampling, estimating, renderings and ordering.

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