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Top 10 Blue Glass Tile Installs

By Ted Ryan

Top 10 Blue Glass Tile Installs

Blue glass tile adds beautiful depth and color to any installation, be it a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, shower, or pool. We offer a wide range of blue glass tile shades from light to dark in both gloss and matte available on 6 sizes of field tile and 6 sizes of mosaic tiles.

To help you hone your design, we’re taking a tour of our 10 favorite projects featuring blue glass tile.

Blue Glass Tile Backsplash

Radiant Gradient

blue glass tile ombre backsplash

Tile: Grackle Matte 3x12, Magpie Matte 3x12, Kingfisher Matte 2x6, Dove Matte 2x6 // Design & Image: Happy Hour Design Collective

Glass tile fused with ceramic glazes have a unique quality that glows in the right light conditions. This creative kitchen backsplash plays on the gradient of light with an ombre design that cascades down the wall from light neutral to dark blue. To add even more visual interest, the designer specified two sizes of tile to shift from small to large as the shades progress.

A Modern Statement

blue glass tile modern backsplash

Tile: Magpie Matte 3x12 // Design & Image: Joy Street Design

Our glass tile is known as the original modern glass tile making it perfect for modern designs. This kitchen backsplash features large 3x12 blue tiles in a matte finish hung with the clean lines of a straight-stack pattern, all hallmarks of a minimalist modern design.

Blue Glass Tile Bathroom

Stylish Stripes

white and blue glass tile striped bathroom backsplash

Tile: Barn Swallow Matte 3x12, Dove Matte 3x12 // Design: Marni Mervis // Image: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors

From the kitchen to the bathroom, glass backsplashes are a sleek and easy-to-care-for finish. Glass tile is impervious to water making them excellent for wet areas. This bathroom backsplash features a decorative striped design of contrasting white and navy blue tile that provides a playful moment during your daily routine.

Herringbone in Blue

herringbone blue glass tile bathroom

Tile: Blue Jay Matte 3x12, 1x1 & 4x12 Glass // Design: Ginny Macdonald // Image: Sara Tramp

Glass makes a statement at any scale, from the simple backsplash above to this install that pulls out all the stops. This spacious bathroom is awash in dramatic blue tile from the herringbone wall tiles of elegant 3x12 matte glass to the shower curb of matching 4x12s to the shower pan encrusted with 1x1 matte blue mosaic tile.

Adaptive Beauty

blue glass tile adaptive bathroom

Tile: Warbler Matte 4x4 // Design: Victoria Ninette Interiors // Image: Victoria Ninette

An open-concept bathroom is ideal for aging in place or fulfilling adaptive needs by creating a flow that makes moving through a space easier. This includes features like a curbless shower, supports, and handheld showerheads.

The functional flow also drives the aesthetic design as you see here, with cool and soothing blue glass tile spreading uninterrupted from the shower and pony wall across the walls of the space.

Blue Glass Tile Shower

Colorful Combinations

blue glass tile color block shower

Tile: Snowy Owl Gloss, Warbler Gloss, Kingfisher Gloss, and Magpie Gloss 4x4, Fallow Custom Motif // Design: Project M Plus // Image: Bethany Nauert

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! is a master of color-forward design that inspires happiness and vibrance, and this pair of showers are a perfect example of that trademark style.

The first is an abstract color block blend of glossy blue and aqua square tile that pop with a carefree and creative design sense. Custom handpainted floor tile brings even more bold blue and pop to the shower.

confetti glass tile shower

Tile: Egret Gloss, Dove Gloss, Sparrow Gloss, Snowy Owl Gloss, Rosy Finch Gloss, and Lark Gloss 4x4 // Design: Oh Joy, Project M Plus // Image: Bethany Nauert

The second is an even more invigorating design of glass tile featuring an, as Cho put it, “perfectly imperfect” confetti blend of blue, green, white, pink, and purple shades of glossy 4x4 tile decorating a shower that is sure to lift your spirits.

Dapper Details

navy blue glass tile shower

Tile: Barn Swallow Matte 3x12, Barn Swallow Gloss 2x6 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

Another designer twofer, this time from the design team behind Montana’s The Nooq, these showers showcase the cool attitudes that only blue glass can capture, each complete with impeccable design details you can’t help but admire.

The first is this dramatic walk-in shower shielded in dark matte blue glass that beautifully sheds water with its flat sheen. Not to be missed though is the window niche featuring gloss tile in the same color that reflects the incoming natural light.

light blue glass tile tub surround

Tile: Great Blue Heron 2x12 // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

Next, we find this tub surround in an icy blue shade of matte glass, fitting for a stay during a Montana winter. Take a closer look and see the edges along the niche and shower’s edge finished with a black Schluter trim to give the install a clean look to match the minimalist lines throughout.

Blue Glass Pool Tile

Wavy Waterline

blue glass tile pool waterline

Tile: Grackle Gloss 3x12, Magpie Gloss, Grackle Gloss, Warbler Gloss & Great Blue Heron Gloss 3x6 // Design & Image: Rebecca Hart

Finally, pools and glass tile are a match made in paradise, whether that’s a far-flung resort or your own backyard. Not only are glass tiles impervious to water, but they’re also resistant to chemical attack as well as fade resistant, meaning that chlorine and endless sunshine will do nothing to dull the Day 1 look of your pool.

This pool features a waterline blend of glass subway tiles that catch your eye and mirror the tones of the water’s surface. You’ll also find glass gracing the ledge that frames the spa in the corner of this creative pool.

Sample glass tile now to start your dream project!

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