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Tile Trends: Shower Niches We Love

By Pearl

Tile Trends: Shower Niches We Love

Fireclay Tile Inspiration Gallery: Zen Inspiration

What do we love more than shower tile? Shower tile niches. The perfect spot to add a fresh pop of color to your bathroom decor, a shower niche also offers useful storage for soap and shampoo. There are endless ways to design your tile niche. Oftentimes you'll find shower niches with a uniform tile color and pattern that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the space. However, today we're here to show the ones that stand out.

Glass Tile Shown: 2x8 in Dustive Olive Matte

Image: Modern Maggie

This sunny niche adds a bright splash of color to this modern white shower. Adding a small plant (real or faux) can infuse playful outdoor inspiration into your morning routine.

Tile Color Shown: 2x2 in Daffodil

You don't have to choose a different tile color or pattern to add visual interest to your shower niche. Simply reorienting the tile can break up a uniform look. This sleek monochromatic tile features glazed edges to this niche a modern finish.

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Driftwood

Framing your niche with tile can help create an interesting shadow box effect, lending some depth and dimension. Use the same tile color to give contrasting patterns a fresh contemporary look.

Tile Color Shown: Sugar

You can also go the route of framing your shower niche with a contrasting color, rather than a pattern. This French-doored shower feels all the more luxurious with symmtrical niches and wood shelving.

Using the same tile pattern for your niche and shower floor can also help to create a thoughtful and sophisticated design. We love how the hexagon tile is echoed in this black and white shower.

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagons in White Wash

Fireclay Blog: Finding the Trim that is Best for You

When designing for your shower niche, don't forget about tile trim, especially if you plan on using a contrasting color. Our handy trim guide can help you figure out which trim option is best for your aesthetic.

Shower niches are also a budget-friendly solution to showcase your favorite Handpainted tile design. Surround it with solid-colored tile to give the pattern room to breathe.

Handpainted Tile Shown: Ensenito in Warm Motif

Image: Apartment Therapy

A niche also offers a fun design opportunity for showers built with alternative materials like cement. This playful ikat pattern adds fresh point of view to the shower's industrial and minimalist look.

Handpainted Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Neutral Motif

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